Bitter force webmaster thousand set up studio a monthly profit of 60 thousand personal experienceNo

5, to make web sites make money. A website to develop, only interest is not enough, but also to make the station for you to make money, how to make money?. One is to choose to sell some of your website content and related products, such as you do Webmaster Station, you can sell sell two host domain name, can do some advertising alliance, can put some famous advertising advertising, so you can ensure that your money to your account. Three is to do monthly advertising, if your

time passed day by day, and there were many people on the micro-blog greeting, but they were all away from me. Until March 7th, I didn’t see a friend in Changsha who was in touch with the author.

do standing, no flow, no traffic, no money, no, combined with my own station experience, to do their own station a few experience, selfless contribution to friends.

remembered it was the afternoon of that day. He published a topic about finding a SEO apprentice on micro-blog. See below:

fortunately, the information out soon there are two people in contact Changsha friends with the author, and the two friends on the phone, in , talked for a long time, one of them Xiao Yong is the author very admire, Xiao Yong also said before my blog. So I hope to be able to venture together, then Xiao Yong work for an SEO company or Changsha, second days March 8th will leave to the author’s residence, this day chatted for a long time, finally Xiao Yong left me a word, as long as we do not starve to death, did indeed very touched, also saw a glimmer of hope.

at the beginning of 2013 March 5th, bitter author Xue Liang no rely on, no one support; only thinking about entrepreneurship, but made a life changing decision, bring their own less than ten thousand yuan savings at Changsha again broke into the, settled in a friend’s house.

4, learn search engine optimization, that is, talk about SEO every day. SEO is not what is particularly profound knowledge, many sites have specifically discussed in this article, we can go to some specialized website column look, there are also many other graph king station, there are a lot of old ghost station, and stone station, are very good. There is a lot of the optimization may not mentioned, I speak according to their own experience: if you want to be a keyword search engine, you can let the word appear repeatedly in your station and bold, than a lot of big words in general.

2 should have its own original works. A station to do big, should also write something, don’t know all the year round to collect other people, want to write more, can’t write out, you write a month, or write out as much as possible to write. The thing to note is that it is better to write the same subject in different directions for days on end. This is reproduced, the opportunity to be discussed more, more discussions, reprinted more, your station will be famous.

most let the author admire is that every member of the team never talk about wages, never talk about living conditions, as long as there is eating, you can live, so that talent is on

first please allow me to introduce myself. Author: Xue Liang, 88 years was born in an ordinary family, 2008 SEO, network marketing, from 2011 to 2012 in the past more than 20 Changsha horse pole network company, ultimately bring their own money, I believe the industry friends are clear most of the network company do not provide meals and accommodation, with a little wage cannot survive.

At that time, micro-blog released the

on March 9th morning, Xiao Yong resigned before the company’s position, and small Lei accompanied by the author in the district rented a set of two bedrooms and one living room, studio set up 3 members.

then in conjunction with three people, until March 18th, came from all over the country’s high-end talent Xiao Zeng, Dan, Howard joined the team, the studio named "absolutely of business service center!" to explain everything, absolutely everything, standard. main business: search engine optimization, network marketing promotion, brand planning, crisis PR

1, station collection of information to be different. Do not always go to some famous station station to collect information, information that others have seen, no new ideas, many do stand webmaster, some special love to stand to collect information, there is no need to use a little bit, you can, or even completely like him, he’s got what you do what is certain, the development is not up, I do not go there. "The general data collection, I go to the forum, to some other people do not know the station acquisition, the effect will let you stand people think you and others do not the same station. Only in this way can your station develop, and you can make money through the website only when the station is developed.

, only one objective, that is looking for an apprentice to follow their own business together in the Changsha, then of course I am also more selfish, why? The apprentice is very simple, do not take salary.

time is money, the author began to worry, and then in the market network and other classified information, once again released the search for entrepreneurial partners information, see the following figure:

3, stand famous, learn how to cook. If a famous person wants to be famous, he should have some lace. For example, Andy Lau is the first girlfriend of a certain person, and so and so is married to Li Xiang and soon divorced. Do stand is the same, there must be awareness must learn to fry. By sh419 YAHOO and do things big noisy, Qihoo’s love ya Chaozuo, Qihoo by the famous YAHOO, Zhou Honghui is a master of speculation, and some people say that he is a rogue, whether or not he is a rogue, a little to be sure, he can be very chaozuo.

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