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many times we need to study and users of the target market, especially not Wangzhuan industry, target market research and user survey marketing will be a clue, have a direct impact on sales and promotion of late, so the target market research and user survey is a required course for every webmaster. This article expounds how the webmaster should do market research and user survey in seven aspects.

not long ago, Ying Wei went to Nanjing to visit his friends, listened to the lecture of sh419 CEO Robin Li at Nanjing University, recalled his life and position and felt a lot of emotion. As Robin said, "post-90s" is a lucky generation, a generation that changes China and even changes the world. This undoubtedly strengthened his belief in abandoning all concerns and creating a bar.

still remember "rosy" in nine Chai that classic life? How many ten years? We must live happy! 90 should Zi Wei, from the graduation year salary 200 thousand, to open a bar business as CEO, is undoubtedly one of the most fun of living.

seventh, the direct use of PPC: this method is not used by many people, but it is the most effective. When you use PPC to search for bids, you can do a survey site and ask users to fill out the detailed forms and return them in return

two: there is no difference in intelligence between people, more ideals, enthusiasm, learning ability. Do something that others can not do.

, the first shlf1314 keyword tool: This tool is the webmaster should should understand, in the tool input keywords, shlf1314 will give a series of keywords and the related keyword search volume and price bidding. A search for "lose weight", will give way to lose weight, weight loss, diet, weight and other dozens of available keywords, and lists the degree of competition and the amount of search, the search volume is in direct response to the user’s attention and market demand.

fifth, SNS, forum survey: there are a lot of people love SNS global social networks and forums, so direct inquiry method is very effective in the above post, can ask the user evaluation of certain products or services, or what problems need to be solved, competitors or whether accepted etc.. This usually gives users the most real idea.

third, sh419 index query: believe sh419 index is most webmaster using a free tool for most of the real traffic official has stressed that sh419 index does not represent specific keywords, but on the whole can reflect the keywords of users and search frequency, is a good reference.

" Estimation tool

second, hits: you want to completely understand some key industry competition and flow, in addition to keyword tool but also must consider the traffic estimation tool given the data, there are a lot of tools, easy to find. Of course, the click estimation tool is just as a ballpark reference. It can’t be 100% accurate.

1: different environment for different people’s opportunities are not the same, 90 is a very lucky generation

Robin: in the United States, the most intelligent people tend to aspire to create more wealth. China has changed rapidly in these decades, and the opportunities for different people in different environments are different. I think the post-90s generation is a lucky generation, and this generation has more opportunities to enter the business world and enter an era where you can really compete on the basis of free competition and compete with the market for your abilities and your contribution.


query: Generally speaking some words on behalf of the future trend of heat within a period of time the word, can the overall trend for the marketing strategy of webmaster keywords specified direction, laying the groundwork for later expansion. Commonly used trend query tools are shlf1314 trends, YAHOO, wind vane, etc..

Fourth, the overall trend of

, who was a student at Wuhan University, rejected the usual attitude to study for exams. After graduation, the other students apply for civil servants in order to get the account, they buried in the book really should be the occasion, it was removed in the Wei Zi practice of major companies, he does not want his life immutable and frozen.

University’s contacts and experience in the market, should be the same class earlier Zi webby found a job in marketing, a year later, the annual salary has reached 200 thousand.

During the internship accumulation of

sixth, accurate poll: in addition to the SNS forum and other places, also can be in their existing sites or with words related to website poll, although the need to pay some investigation, but the range of data more accurate, for determining selling and copy writing is not a small help.


successful people will have the same bright, entrepreneurial people have different pain forced. Zi Wei from the side and should make up "


seven feet man" should be Zi Wei "once ridicule" as "crape myrtle."". Although he did not "crape myrtle girl" of the play tenderness, but also have the same willfulness and perseverance. After 90, Ying Wei after graduation in Shanghai work for one year, annual salary of 200 thousand 5 times the age of peers.

should be Wei Wei is a typical after 90, the pursuit of freedom, enjoy the thrill of struggle.

at this time, he is also thinking, while young, should try to start a fight. How many ten years in life, do not spell a game, how to live, then, should be determined to quit the job, and go back to Wuhan start business.

"lucky" 90: even if it can not change China, at least let youth a bit forced lattice

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