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two, 58 city listed, Ganji can speak what story

of a company listed on the same field, second repeat the same story not what attraction is inevitable. So, in fact, ganji faces a new self positioning confusion. From the beginning of the main reception oriented, nanny, security of online recruitment section can smell to sniff out points, and 58 seek to differentiate is priority ganji inside. For now, the desalination of classified information platform concept, vertical segment alone carry out each.

, the United States medical platform era, thousands of people in the venue, All seats are occupied. Around the hall, people sat on the floor, some people in the last row, and at the foot.


, 10 years ago, I invested in my own business with my wife. Currently, the star medical aesthetics group has 9 clinics in Taiwan, with an annual net profit of 20%. It’s not easy to be able to do that in Taiwan. Marketing is one of the most important things in the development process.

industry spread classified information four crimes: information quality problems; information overload; lack of user data on business services lack of precipitation. These problems, Yang Haoyong said that they are internally discussed numerous times, what results is discussed? He did not say.

10 years later, Lin Xin in Taiwan has 9 medical beauty clinics, 2000 net red for its free endorsement. In addition, there are beautiful eyelashes shop, Sheng Mei shop, electricity providers, maintenance products, parent and child restaurants, the formation of Star Medical Aesthetics group, is currently the largest micro chain in Taiwan. 2014, fought in the mainland, in Shanghai opened the mainland’s first star and medical beauty clinic, and with the country’s largest medical American social networking platform new oxygen began to contact. In 2016, she became president of the new oxygen clinic and managed 5 new oxygen cloud clinics in mainland china.

10 years ago, Lin Xinyi and his wife started a medical beauty clinic in Taiwan. At the beginning, he had written 100 letters religiously and sent them 100 net red, inviting them to share and share them for free. To my disappointment, there were only 1 replies, and after 8 months of service, the only survivor posted a short text on Facebook.

I’m a christian. I went to church with my parents every day. Every time I go to church, there are priests who tell the truth and the story, and then ask if anyone has shared their experience. Someone will come out and say, "I believe in God, so my cancer is cured.". Or, because I believe in God, my feet are broken and I move……

then for such an integrated platform for ganji, are what difficulties exist? Take the real estate business, which accounted for about 30% of the volume of ganji. And it is said that in the two or three line of the city, Ganji’s brand awareness and market share ranked first, and the growth rate of 100%. It not only made the rental market, also cut into the second-hand housing transactions. In the terminal equipment, Ganji also force mobile, launched a lazy looking room "," market ", is said to flow to PC already almost. In short, Yang Haoyong’s expectations for the real estate business.

is sexy? ?

net red is not a star, but it is equally difficult to move. Able to mobilize and continue to operate 2000 network red, and is free endorsement, this ability is not only for medical practitioners in the United States, the marketing management of all industries have reference value. How did Lin Xinyi do it,

I’m a marketing specialist in the field of medicine, and I don’t have anything special about it. It’s a lot of people looking for it

The mode of

, classification of information,


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new oxygen medical beauty President Lin Xinyi: platform era, how can I let 2000 net red free endorsement

Christianity is probably the most marketing organization in the world, and the churches in medieval Europe are super luxury. It’s profitable and profitable. The church finds people every week, in fact, witnesses, emphasizing the power of christianity.

rental business, a current problem of information quality management. Ganji hope that through the lazy looking room this so-called C2B model expectations brokers and guide the user’s habits, to help real estate brokers get the opportunity to communicate better with the user, and the user can make a credit evaluation of the real estate brokers like Taobao. Second-hand housing imagination is great, but after many years still Soufangwang rely mainly on houses, classified information website designed to eat grass root economic dividend to a breakthrough, in the business model innovation also needs to make great efforts.

you are not feel Ganji’s ass recently appeared frequently in advertisements? Last month online recruitment Festival just ended, today has started to find room section, ganji short time intensive meeting with the media. Many colleagues wondered how ganji suddenly become warm up? There are reporters very directly to the problem left to Yang Haoyong, he even asked, 58 listed, you this second pressure big? Hao Yang Chung will answer what pressure? In fact he says so, but also added, "we are here there is no second, according to our route to go, I don’t believe there are people say we are."

Yang Haoyong heart is what to think, what can ganji imagination?

inspired by the church, witnessing is the best way of marketing

But the

below is the main part of his speech:

there are 1500-1800 medical institutions in Taiwan, with a population of about 20000000. Roughly estimated, there is an American Medical Hospital per 10000 people. Among them, 9 into 5 is a doctor’s personal practice, the doctor himself to do the boss, surgery, very hard.

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