Six modes of making money on the webshlf1314 Adsense needs attention

1, a machine, do not log on multiple accounts in case we think we are cheating


4. e-commerce. Mainly B2C B means business, C means consumers, C2C, B2B, where B2B is still mainly selling membership fees, C2C mainly charge transaction intermediary fees, B2C can directly charge the corresponding profits.

6. mobile value-added services SMS. Although this business is not popular in Europe and America, it is well developed in East Asia such as China, Japan and korea. Portals, entertainment sites and SP, which provides content services for text messaging, are the main beneficiaries.

so many websites to make money model, I do not know what we all choose,

in fact, the Internet is the profit pattern change rapidly, the development of three-dimensional depth direction, many new models are emerging, such as the most recent hot blog site, its pricing model in the discussion.

in addition, there are many ways to make a profit, including paying games, online consulting and education, online community and making friends.

Here are some ideas for

4, do shlf1314 website, even if you don’t do shlf1314, also want to open, and above should bring shlf1314 advertising, so that they facilitate the review when the remittance.

2. information content charges. There are 3 types of charging: news and information content is packaged to other websites or media; users pay to browse websites; users pay for database queries.

shlf1314 Adsense own time is not long, experience is not much, but still want to put their ideas and knowledge learned recently with the network to share with you, and I hope to help some people.

3. service charge. Such fees are applicable to portals and professional advisory websites. The main fees are: email, home space, rental services, content customization, professional advice, and online business.


do station diagram is to make money, no one will do not make money site, do garbage station is also in order to make money. Then what are the ways to make money in the website? I summed up the following six points:

2, I did not chant K, it is said that if the account has been K, you have to change the system or change the account number, the data can be changed as much as possible,


5. search bidding. For example, shlf1314 and sh419 in China sell revenue by selling keyword locations on search pages.

1. ad. Advertising is almost a survival tool for portals and most websites. Different websites can attract different advertisers according to the characteristics of their audience.

3, as far as possible don’t click on their own advertising


5, do more referrals, referrals in many places, there are advantages, although less money, but safe

6, to promote the shlf1314 account, do not do any other business this I do not quite clear, everyone to analyze it

7, must add to allow web site, prevent others brush your account

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