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thus, the state has issued a series of policies, capital Everfount industry into the two dimensional, two dimensional culture is also being more and more people accept and attention, and more advanced technology but also enriches the forms of the two dimension, like red.

– site name: love apartment

– line time: 2005

– operation mode: dating site

– profit model: advertising, value-added services

– capital status: get two totaling $4 million financing

Zhang Jiaming told reporters that the love apartment this solution is advertising.

Zhang Jiaming believes that compared to the banner banner ads of many serious dating websites, the love apartment will be advertising

: China’s Internet users are still unable to accept fees for dating and dating sites." Zhang Jiaming said. According to the reporter, love apartment there is a toll station in Taiwan, the site of the ARPU value average revenue per user equivalent to up to 100 yuan, and this number is any a dating site can not be achieved in the mainland. Zhang Jiaming honestly told the "Financial Times", at present in the mainland love apartment paying users only accounts for the total number of users 2%, while paying users ARPU value is only 10 yuan, and a far cry from the Taiwan station.

last month, Hangzhou Rhapsody Network Technology Co., the company announced that its two dimensional house the platform "happy book off to get 5 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, the investor is Zero2IPO, Tong Shi network, palm play mutual entertainment and set in the capital.

April, the domestic animation "rabbit" creators of those things that year that Ma snake announced obtain BiliBili 20 million yuan A round of financing, according to B said, "that the rabbit cooperates with those things" the future will be gradually released.

Analysys think tank expects, in 2016, China’s Internet active two dimensional content consumer scale will reach 5 million 680 thousand people, while the edge of the two dimensional content of active consumer scale will reach 8028 people. And according to Ali big data, in the two dimension >

it is understood that in the United States and Japan and other places, dating dating sites are developing in full swing. The world’s largest dating network, Match membership fees, annual income of up to 2 billion yuan. EHarmony, a US marriage website, has 7 million registered users, with 20% paying subscribers, $49.95 per month, and eHarmony earning $more than 800 million. But in foreign countries, these dating sites have earned a pot full of membership fees, while China’s Web sites are completely different.


love apartment is a Avatar dating site that allows users to have their own virtual characters and apartments on the site. If you wish, you can even live with the person you want to live with. At present, South Korea’s largest community website Cyworld and Tencent’s zone is in this model has been successful, last year, zone and other value-added services in the Internet accounted for 66% of Tencent’s total revenue.

news June 24th, two dimensional electricity supplier dimensional warehouse "founder Qian Yong said, before the dimension warehouse has been completed 33 million yuan A+ round of financing, lead investor to participate in the A round of financing sonhwa innovation, venture capital fund, the dreamer sees us.

and on the night of June 24th, Juhuasuan will join the B station, the big V "Wang Lu fork", and a number of beautiful Coser anchor live broadcast. As the cosplay live event organizers, Juhuasuan and South Korea, Chun Ji, meiking, proya, Zhi Mei and Han Xizhen six big cosmetics businesses to achieve cooperation.

now "two dimensional" one word appears more people for the two dimensional attention increasingly high, while the number of users of the two dimension increase gradually, many companies have mining capital and the two dimension of business opportunities, to get a slice.

The frequency has

: our website’s revenue in 2006 was close to $10 million, and it has been profitable." In the days before the Internet innovation held leadership forum, dating sites love apartment CEO Zhang Jiaming told the "financial times".

is not just an apartment for love, but it has become a difficult problem for all domestic dating websites. This reporter has learned that, at present, almost all serious marriage dating sites are in the burning stage. In a recent interview, the top of a dating site described the dilemma of "no fees, no websites, no fees, no users, and no immediate contraction".

not only that, some time ago, the Ministry of Culture issued a document, in brief, that is, in 2016 to organize the implementation of the socialist core values of animation support program.

adhere to the "people-centered" animation creation, animation by speaking a language well Chinese story, subject to a culture to text educating people, highlighting the guiding ideology, with attention on feeling, promote the theme, cohesion positive energy, closely around the China dream of socialist core values, the basic content of Chinese traditional culture, folk culture and traditional culture revolution mining, analysis and promotion, reflect the unique artistic charm of animation and spread, animation style novel, meet the audience especially the young people accept the demand, and be close to the object, down to earth, with strong market promotion and industrialization operation feasibility, actively the promotion of cultural consumption.

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