Five ways to get rich work stationWangzhuan should have their own website

way 1: part-time

this is an entrepreneurial era, want to start their own business as the boss more and more webmasters, including many office owners or non full-time webmaster. But time, limited funds and lack of experience, is almost all want to worry about personal gains and losses, self-employed workers owners will encounter problems. In view of these problems, it is a good and effective way to take targeted measures and ways to achieve wealth.

pathway three: partnership, entrepreneurship,

no matter what home website or blog space, as long as your speech, published slightly when the deviation or blog popularity rose, would have been deleted, and received titles, you hard to lay the blog world, instantly be destroyed on one day. And personal blogs, you’re the boss, you can do whatever you want. Especially for our network promotion staff, the project information is a great help.

for those who do not want to take any risks and want to taste the entrepreneurial taste of the office owners, you might as well try a part-time job.

1, the website can rapidly raise your computer level.

please note: office workers in the choice of part-time, we must pay attention to their own expertise and future direction of development combined. A part-time job is to shorten the entrepreneurial distance, shorten the distance from workers to the boss, if caught for part-time part-time, preoccupied in front of a little petty profits, and forget about their ability to exercise and the accumulation of resources, it is a little The loss outweighs the gain..

2, the website can control your initiative.

has a personal website, you have access to a variety of languages, HTML, ASP, PHP, C, Java, VB, etc., you will gradually understand the domain name, virtual host, web site procedures and other knowledge. The website can keep you learning, and you will gradually understand the operating system, database, computer configuration, anti-virus software and other computer knowledge in the process of selecting the virtual host. If you’re new, I suggest you look at the tutorials and tools for novice web pages,

because you have your own personal Wangzhuan site, you can apply for any advertising a Wangzhuan alliance, and participate in their Wangzhuan project, so more opportunities to make money. If your Wangzhuan SEO skills are good enough, you will find that your website is an automatic money machine.

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5, the website can continue to improve your reputation.

approach two: catch sideline

4, the website allows you to make more like-minded friends.

this is a feature of office owners, but also an advantage of office owners, and learn to make full use of resources accumulated in the work and establish personal connections, entrepreneurship, you can greatly reduce the risk of entrepreneurship. Because it is equivalent to the continuation of the original work, seamless, entrepreneurship is also easy to embark on the road to success.

can do everything outside of his job to make full use of the resources and connections he has built up in his job.

because of common interests, because the common network dream, in the money on the road, because of your personal website, you will find a lot of friends and a person of noble aspirations will give you more advice, to expand their network of contacts in the imperceptibly. Connections are money,

currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large cities, office workers do part-time work is a common phenomenon. Part-time jobs are high and low, according to his ability, the opportunity to decide. However, regardless of any part-time job, can exercise ability, accumulate experience, but also accumulated a certain amount of money, and save time, don’t give up the job, just can make up think poineering work station of the short board, can shoot two hawks with one arrow.

chooses the right partner to start a business.

some office owners do not have the time to start their own businesses, but they can provide certain funds, or have certain business experience and business channels, at this time you can find partners to start business together. However, at the beginning of the venture, partners must first clear responsibility, rights, profits, can not wait until making money again. We’ve seen countless partners in business and entrepreneurship, and before the company makes a profit, both sides can be compatible

3, the website allows you more opportunities to make money.

if you want to enter the higher, want to make money from the network, then I suggest you first to have a web site, even if it is a NetEase of Sina blog, blog or blog, but it is best to have a Wangzhuan network as a personal independence blog. Have a website you can show your talent, you have the military martial arts.

a successful website will not only earn you more Renminbi and dollars, but more importantly, it will enhance your reputation. One day when you launch a new electronic version or Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial you will find that there will be a lot of people do not have to participate in publicity and purchase.


please note: be careful not to be confused with the individual business unit business, will engage in work order upside down, even as long as it is profitable business on their own, while the unprofitable business at a loss or return unit, do not take the risk of moral, and may be subject to legal sanctions. In addition, to distinguish between the main industry, sideline, not because of their own entrepreneurial activities affect the work of units.

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