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The development process of

for the future development of individual stationmaster, naturally become thinking people now, remember that the first time to enter the Internet, always love mixed BBS, don’t know as a novice webmaster or a person, do you remember the A5 forum, did not know that need certification posts, feel A5 is not…… He knew that all of this is valuable, in the course of the next station so I progress quickly, and has recently launched a number of certification and related services, so that a certified member of a new authority, this is the natural path to provide the help to our webmaster.

League address: myad.cn/

brand increased and the segments of the top three rise, these are individual owners of the opportunity, but for now, most personal webmaster is attached to SEO, and too many SEO practitioners, this is how to enter the company development can still, single-handed full-time webmaster, naturally not what advantage, "

personal webmaster, quickly achieve profitability is not the most difficult thing, of course this is not anyone so easily done, we can start from the simplest, achieved through the efforts towards the days and months multiplying, personal development is constantly improving the self value and brand influence, through industrialization these invisible things, but with respect to the repeated every day countless toil easier, more natural second chance, remember before the registration of A5, the author also reluctant to believe that no certification certification, what value, but only a kantie, no communication really let himself very uncomfortable, but later found. For after the webmaster I recast certification harvest is the various resources, every hour and moment, information are occasionally in the AD area also can send the chain, It was included in the first episode.

personal webmaster development future will gradually bid farewell to SEO tedious work, making development through other forms, often hear the webmaster complain, and sh419 recently how, recently I site outside the chain how many disappeared, the snapshot is not updated today, feeling every day for these things bother, every month or so little income, so many webmaster to give up or do other transformation, it reminds me of just entering the Internet at that time, actually chose A5 this platform, through writing, forum certification after the exchange, learned a lot of knowledge related to the latest and fresh blood.

Internet development is very rapid, individual owners of the army gradually strong, with the popularity of the Internet, many shorter working workers has also entered the world of the Internet, and as a full-time webmaster, facing the pressure is large enough. The Internet technology gradually mature, such as SEO, micro-blog marketing, social marketing, innovation of new marketing thinking, individual stationmaster future development path has naturally become a need to consider, and do the Internet, whatever, marketing is inevitable, marketing to go out, naturally become the winner.

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