How do the stationmaster do Taobao guestTaobao customer first single income throughout the process

third stage: site maintenance

good site must be positioned in your direction, such as my site is to do Missha B.B cream, that is, cosmetics. The site of the program, I chose the ZB blog, because it is convenient and simple, search engine is very friendly to a program, a variety of aspects are suitable for novices to use, so this is my reason for choice. Web construction as simple and generous as possible, the structure is orderly, to give users a friendly experience, we have to create a user can retain the page. Site theme keywords must be careful choice, don’t choose today, a few days to change, must be selected on the set, you know? Keywords heat try not to choose popular keywords, because the competition is relatively large, you have no money, no two no three technical team, so we can only choose the competitiveness a little smaller, the market, the last that is the best choice of key words long tail keywords, long tail keywords is up to us to explore them, so we slowly study.


, finally, show me my Taobao website, diet pills list 2010, address: jianfeiyao2010. The domain name was sent out yesterday

second step nature is to do a high rate of conversion site, small and medium-sized webmaster friends can choose to do single page promotion, or list promotion. A major feature of the promotion is that the selected products are selling hot products, the credibility of the absolute no problem. Readers, by comparing each other, are ultimately likely to generate desire to buy. This ranking promotion, like the price of the same kind of website, provides information contrast, the reader’s desire to buy a certain role in promoting.

website construction, the theme shows that we can enter the important link, that is, the site needs to be maintained and updated every day. For example, I, I will update the content of the website every day, published an article every day, regardless of the original is not original, as long as the search engine does not

on promotion, we will talk about how to carry out in the future.

Taobao customers, the first step to success is how to choose products. If the product is not selected well, even if the flow is too large, you can not maximize your interests. Then, how do we choose products? As the saying goes, the best money for women and children. Then we will do more related to their site, such as women like slim, we will promote weight loss products, diet pills; women like strong breasts, we do breast enhancement products promotion. In a word, you can refer to your female friends’ opinions online. Moreover, women like to shop online, which is very important to your conversion rate. One of the most important things about choosing a product is the choice of High Commission products, so that we can afford our time.

twenty-first Century "electronic commerce" for Taobao customers as the mainstream, but I also participated in the Taobao, in now is very compelling, it can help you zero investment, zero risk, it can be said without the business, high commission, its high conversion, high income of the us into the study, and gradually explore no matter how you are, how you have identity, qualifications, can participate, to your distant and bright road. But the road is not very smooth, after a hit and miss experiencing difficulties, the road to the groundless talk and shiny. The Missha B.B cream for the novice webmaster, he is relying on strong and simple conditions in revenue, Taobao passenger ushered in the first pot of gold, because the firm can go today, sunny attitude to shine, let’s take a look at how he ushered in the process of income from A to Z, let everybody reference.

phase 1: domain name and space

customers, is the Alibaba’s alimama launched by commodity promotion platform clinch a deal, you do not have to purchase, delivery, not to mention your sales process to participate in commodities in chores, only need a buy connection, can let you enjoy a total of 1.5% commercial -50% Commission. Therefore, Taobao customers become a tool for many webmaster friends on the Internet to make money.

is the flow. From the search engine traffic, I always think it is the best, free and stable. Here you need to have a certain SEO skills, because only on the first page of the site, it is possible to enter the vision of potential users, only in the top three of the page can attract potential users of the eye. SEO actually can not, as long as our site’s internal links are friendly, and at the same time a large chain support, ranking rise is a question of time. But one thing, definitely not cheating, K, the site would like to turn over is not easy.

I began to domain name is also very sad, because my name contains an unlucky number "4" is the domestic people see, but I don’t know what to start, so in the 2010-08-12 register the domain name, then I do not know why this book a domain name. Now began to understand the importance of domain names, and now I understand the domain name to brand, short and long, user experience, so we must remember. The choice of space, other than that, the only important, stable, fast, and so on, will affect all of the factors on your site, which can be devastating to your website.

in the early launch of Taobao customers, competition is not big, Taobao relatively easy to do. But now, a guest team increasingly large, all kinds of promotion methods have come in handy, easy to do a guest most probably it did not actually happen that view is completely mistaken. Adsense with shlf1314 out of mainland China, its League leadership is declining, the interests of the station has been directly affected, why don’t we change ideas, do a Taobao?.

second stage: website construction and site positioning

The third part of the

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