The Mount Everest swap chain left me speechlessSecret how to sell shlf1314 AD account

as far as I know, the general way is divided into 0.15% into the way, that is to say, you do have to be divided into 100 knives, divided into to the applicant or the application domain name website 15 knife, it is not kind, personal Adsense is not easy to make money, an account people receive only 100 bucks. Means to take advantage of, I really do not see the past, so I combine their experience and collect information on the network, are summarized and some methods to apply the channel released, although these methods will not work, may also shlf1314 has blocked this loophole, but I still want to as a webmaster >

network is a new industry application of GG began to have more and more application claiming to be the GG team, their price is an account for 50 to $100 range, the more the price up to $200, which was not what one would like to. Fight, one is willing to endure, both sides benefit, to the satisfaction of all, but later I found that many webmaster to me crying for GG they spend money account without cheating is K, when the suspect is the other party for their application, remove some advertising code, and malicious click or cheat, the purpose is to let GG the account owner again by K, and then they can come to apply, they can earn a money, and some owners also found that their GG accounts appear backstage access account options, there are divided into the The word "suspect" is a GG account that is split up for them.

full fifty yuan, ICBC account settlement, no bank account, tomorrow or transfer, contact: 350887454, left bank account payment "message, I’ll add 350887454 inquiry, the final result is not pay for me, because my blog is. What is not a blog, blog site? When I apply for the blog how through the website, and you did not write a blog can not pay, even with a website because my blog is not for me to pay, I am a student I earn money easily. Is this a reason not to pay what is this Broken Alliance, even 100 can’t afford it. Super despise this garbage Union, we will pay attention to the future, do not be fooled by this alliance. Here’s a screenshot of my conversation with customer service :


I saw the Mount Everest exchange chain from the grassroots network. When I saw the advertisement was very attractive, I would like to click on a certain high and weekly payment, so I applied for a hang on my website. 3 days to 50, May 19th time to 52.6944, I applied for settlement, in May 22, I applied for 51.6208 yuan, in May, 26, I contacted their customer service to ask for payment, has been no one. Until today, they saw "


so far, began more and more is whether K It is without rhyme or reason., cheating, cheating or not, and therefore more and more personal webmaster lost the main web site is K income account website to apply for the difficulty is great, shlf1314 AdSense also stated that K had been the station will never be able to participate in their advertising plan, in order to maintain the operating income and personal webmaster website, to try to encourage others to earn, let others apply the GG account, after all, is to apply GG shlf1314 GG account in the audit account through the loopholes in the process.


AD advertising, the advertising price higher than the domestic, but also a good reputation, so has been the main economic source of advertising revenue with many domestic owners, which also has a lot of cheating GG and a monthly income of tens of thousands of individual owners, when I was in a month of cheating GG3000 knife, took more than 20 thousand yuan. Oh that is already past the China shlf1314 but since May in 08 years of shlf1314 AdSense also known as GG account after a substantial adjustment, not only increase the audit efforts to account for the webmaster, also strengthened the webmaster is cheating increase inspection efforts, but also to apply for the account the site should comply with the conditions were more limited.

" on their website

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