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"of course I want to be their designer, but don’t you think our product has been a problem? Do you think our product can be them?" "impossible!"……

"well, I don’t like it, but I don’t like it."."

July 28th, after Xiamen successfully held the first "Baidu Internet entrepreneur training camp" first station, Baidu nonstop into Sichuan Chengdu, "the land of abundance" Internet entrepreneurs, optimizes the website operation and share the successful experience of "fresh food". Events attracted more than 130 entrepreneurs in Chengdu and Sichuan. Sichuan local well-known webmaster China Law Network CEO Zhang Shiyou, Fu Jing, all network CEO fourth city chief operating officer Jiayi Yunxiao, Le marketing director Cheng Yanan also took part in the training camp, the guests on entrepreneurship and the development of vertical website and e-commerce website launched a lively discussion. Site guests through communication, consensus, regional vertical websites and e-commerce websites need to recognize the direction of business development does not follow suit, not blindly, accurately capture the user’s needs, adapt to the development trend of the industry, after careful operation and promotion, "small" website can also have a "big" future.

?" In addition to

said here, this conversation in my heart is already over. She’s not a particularly good UI designer, and she and I are very clear about that. At first I thought, however, that her main problem was lack of motivation and recognition. After all, everyone needed someone else’s approval, which was understandable.

in the operation of the website, the statistical analysis of the data has always been an important work. To this end, Baidu Product Manager Li Huadong for the webmaster in-depth introduction of product features and advantages of Baidu statistics, Li Huadong believes that "the platform and open is represent the general trend future statistics of products, such as mobile Internet era need to stop all traffic statistics to the PC and mobile phone. Big data era requires seamless communication between website business data and traffic statistics tools." With such situation, Baidu products will provide users with more perfect and more simple statistics and analysis services, so as to enhance the operational efficiency of the majority of owners, and will lead the domestic statistical analysis of intelligent, personalized and customized product development trend.

but this communication, I really understand, what she needs most is not incentive and identity, not to break through the bottleneck of professional competence, but she participated products can become a successful product, then she will naturally be more people know she is a famous designer of this product "".

it is understood that Baidu alliance in 2012 "entrepreneur training camp" series of activities will last for 5 months, Xiamen, Chengdu, footprint covering Zhengzhou, Yantai, Nanjing, Hefei, Changsha ten small webmaster active city, not only for the webmaster, bring first-hand information and views of the most cutting-edge, at the same time the webmaster will also build an interactive platform to share the convenience.

"I really think this design work is very tired, I last year how much overtime? I have no share in year-end bonus…… Everyone can point to the design, product managers are not satisfied with the change, the operation is not satisfied, to change, the boss is not satisfied with the change, almost everyone can lead me…… "Don’t you think our company doesn’t pay attention to design at all?"

recently had a similar feeling, from a UI Designer and nowadays the majority of entrepreneurs, our team is trying to burnish a can bring distinctive value for users of mobile APP products, has not yet formally extended conversation. After joining the company for over a year, she has been responsible for three projects, but for various reasons, she has not made a breakthrough in her work, and has failed to get enough attention from the team. Ok, listening to her tone of resentment and unwilling, I had to encourage her to spit out the slot.

user driven, drive product operation and upgrade

she has five years of working experience, is a senior designer, heard the words commom;cynical answer, I admit some disappointment, but as "youth who are not confused, perhaps she is in a temporary confusion. I turned to her and asked, "do you think Apple designers, or millet, mobile phones, FB, WeChat, etc., these more successful products, and if you’re their designers, what do you think,

with a team of people, the most let me feel sorry, not a person what low-level or unforgivable mistake, but people always love their professional enough, or not understand, protect the dignity of occupation in youth is much more important than salary.

I didn’t mean to contradict her. "Go back to the beginning. Do you like designing?"

, Baidu senior product advertising designer Wang Xinhu also on the scene, according to "how to improve the management efficiency of advertising?" this issue of Baidu alliance is another product of Baidu advertising housekeeper to do a comprehensive and detailed introduction. And to the webmaster friend detailed display, the product can provide a simple, free advertising management services. Wang Xinhu said, "online advertising is one of the most important means of website profitability, while the benefits of advertising management affect the revenue of the site."

at the day’s meeting, from Baidu’s Baidu search product marketing senior product operator Cao Lili, first carried out a wonderful point of view to share. She stressed that "SEO is only a means, not an end, the user needs led content construction is SEO’s first step.". Getting traffic is important, but more important is to increase the conversion rate and strengthen the core value of the website."

actually, she was sure that I will never become Apple’s designer, or, because our products can not be apple, she also did not have the opportunity to become a famous designer to follow."

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