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Zhu Huafeng said: love Shanghai at this time so a letter, what does that mean? In the face of provocation in 360, Shanghai received much love in the end the threat, love Shanghai moves frequently, and pressure, and is encouraging, a loose one, love Shanghai in the adjustment of their own at the same time, should also have a deeper the meaning of inside, that is attracting a large number of owners of the line of sight, 360 have been through various means to the size of its webmaster, said the site had numerous owners, rather than have us these Adsense just appear out of so many vivid active sites in Shanghai love on the search engines, pull the webmaster will seize the biggest customer.

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Shanghai Longfeng why only teachers believe that from the whole to embrace the webmaster, is a pressing matter of the moment to love Shanghai. The discovery of new weak market, the old market in 360 and after sogou. It is time to change the love of Shanghai.



to add this page, maybe everyone is not too much attention, because recently, love Shanghai in the new home page module to add content constantly. For the love of Shanghai home frequently changes I think Robin Li want a revolution to innovation. In November 7th Robin Li gave inside an open letter, the letter stressed that love Shanghai to do after a cloud and end strong company, realize the two take-off in Shanghai with the innovation and passion of love. Stressed the need to reform his own life, Robin Li in a letter to the innovation of

click on the text, there is a striking wait for the page, as shown in figure

Robin Li for the open letter, the industry has a different view:

data, we can see the call of the third party on the double 11 shopping list, and these data is updated in real time.

is the enterprise internal open letter, why? It seems a bit provocative means, in the face of the 360 pressure, love Shanghai has been vigilant, plus DoNew11 Sept. 6, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan today for its Q3 earnings received DoNews reporters. In an interview with Wang Xiaochuan said: " push the browser with the input method, the browser to promote the search growth three >

Cardiff founder Since

, electricity providers who are competing to the double 11 "carbon", can warm your body. In general, is rarely involved in the scene of love Shanghai, because as a search engine does not seem necessary to focus less on electricity. But now love Shanghai instead of "arrogant" style, add a style home in Shanghai love home, here we look at a simple interface. If we love Shanghai login account, enter the Shanghai love home, we can see a similar to a message box.

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