What was the website to the search engine and visitors show different content

need to register the content and the first click free

and A/B test

more specifically, to the implementation of the first click free, publishers must page noble baby spiders (and possibly other search engine spiders) they want to access by all the content index, even if users usually need to log in to see the content. Users to access the site still need to log in, but do not need to search engine spiders. This will result in the appropriate time the content of the website will appear in the search results, however, if a user clicks on the search results to your site, you must allow him to visit the whole article (if it is included on a page, all pages need to allow access to the article). Once the user clicks on access to another article on the website, you can ask him to sign.


test on the login page transformation requires visitors of different show different content. In this case, it is best to use the JavaScript/Cookie/Session page display, standardized version of piping to a search engine not every time when crawling (although each access content change is not necessarily bad for you). It also provides a noble baby called noble baby Website Optimizer software to achieve this function.

more details can refer to the nobility baby first click free program page: 贵族宝贝 noble baby webmastercentral.blogspot/2008/10/first-click-free-for-web-search.html.

if the mandatory user registration (either paid or free) access to the content, the best to keep the same URL logged in users and users who are not logged in, for unknown users and search engines display a summary (usually to both ends is enough). If you want to display the full content to the search engine, you can use some content transfer rules, such as the new visitors are not registered before you can access the first two pages, after the grace period after the registration requirements. This makes your intentions very honest, you can also use Cookie or Session to restrict user access, and display the full content to the search engine.

in this case, you can also choose to participate in the first click free baby aristocracy (First Click Free) plan. Just click on the search results to users free access to the first article, the website can be paid or need to login to display the contents of noble baby spiders. Many famous website publishers use this technology, including the popular website Experts-Exchange贵族宝贝.

search engine can not crawl "

has several common sites for different visitors, including search engines, causes display different content. The following are some of the most common.

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