The reason of the collapse of overseas chain in Radish

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according to the results, the number of radish speculation, love Shanghai foreign chain requirements decreased, the quality is certainly only rise unabated, but outside the chain widely degree have great demand, poor quality of the same site outside the chain of only one, or even a no reservations! Can click on "more related links" no! So this will help you solve a problem, "if I always in several forums or information platform information, so you can?" the answer is obvious


when you click on the search results last underneath "more related links" link, you can see the link must be more than 36! And the second is the real see external links! However, I found today, when the first check the chain, browse to the last page, found that has not "more related links" love Shanghai at the top right of the data given by the basic number is close to the chain of love Shanghai database updated



often view the site outside the chain of Shanghai dragon lovers should know, first check the number of the chain is 36

just write a blog, but also write this day Shanghai big update data collected and reduce the chain, and Google included increase blog, the inside is all doubt and don’t understand, some people say that is related with the broken network of regional Telecommunication Bureau yesterday, leading to love Shanghai database data loss; some think it is normal update, let everybody don’t worry; others think that is the end of the "small webmaster" argument. I dare not say what is the grassroots! Be in just found a bit, do not know if you can’t recognize

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