Three point source sites that quality content create repair set

may, in many cases, we are defeated love Shanghai once again needs, because it is not so much a friend will write the article, but also with respect to love Shanghai no content to meet the demand, the content is more like hunger and thirst to, but in our life, you will feel that you can create how much is the original content? Just rely on their writing ability? The content of your website from where to expand it, here, from the aspects of the quality to discuss the three point source, record, repair, set, hope can give good advice to a friend.

source – quality content

in the content, we also need to go through their own independent creation, we are now in the Moonlight blog, in the blog Lou song song most see their original articles, these are in accordance with the laws of their update, in the beginning, because the blog has its own unremittingly original, given the great the brand values for this blog, this is the content of this blog to make contribution, because they create and let more people understand my point of view, which I call the shots, rather than the other.

in fact, in many cases, our website is to rely on their own interests, these interests that the website will bring us a lot of ideas, a website with your world more long, the more you will feel to provide their own ideas for users, their own feelings, the aesthetic. The importance, because only in this way, the user can agree you can approve your website, for example, your Taobao guest website, if you just want to rely on API to collect data for users, these users could not be far to feel your own characteristics, because you have no features at all, so now the Taobao API is off the love Shanghai blow, because they have no special content, no ability to create unique, produced ", is a similar to Zhang Leitong, I Book to what use? For your thoughts displayed on your website, even if you are Taobao customers, then choose their own love things on the website, then recommend it to friends, is this not a creation of

The first point:

second: source – quality content

market in the United States, most of them are "made in China", China manufacturing has multiplied into a form of the world, but little is create in China, which is a kind of creative display, so that if the quality content of what is, then the point is certainly after all, only their own creation, creation can let more people know you, publicity to themselves, this is the power of creation, as a national brand to let the world know when, this brand will have great creativity, to create the Internet to make a great contribution, and always propaganda his most eternal way.


why choose "repair".

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