The Shanghai dragon do Links the priority principle

, link spam website

two, do not link immoral Shanghai dragon

2, do the link, change the website keywords, to remind each other. A lot of Shanghai dragon is obviously good "link keywords Beida Jade Bird", but he for their own sake keywords, changed to "Beijing Beida Jade Bird", this is disadvantageous to do "Beida" this keyword. We can remind each other once, if you find many words, still not link.

1, do the link after a few days, can not find a link to the site, do not exchange links with him. This station is generally love and the couple exchange links, if the indicators you are not wrong, he will delete your website, it is likely that he is deliberately by this method to make external links. Because a lot of Shanghai Longfeng lazy, especially beginners, still not form a regular tracking Links habits, so easily deceived fooled.

1, the website included quantity, K left a number Links, don’t exchange. Because if you follow this site exchange Links, then he becomes your evil neighbours, the search engine will be on your site for indirect punishment. If we find each other’s included quantity is lower than 10, so we have to figure out what is just because the new station included the ten, or the old station is only ten K. The method is examined through the website query history, you can see the history of the old station page; check if the whois information is the new words, then the date of registration should be able to see.

3, Links added the nofollow attribute, the Noindex attribute and destroy the original meaning of the website links, do not exchange links with him. This property is the Google Corporation nofollow invention, his role is to tell the search engines don’t believe these links, although the recent Google Matt Cutts hinted that the label effect may reduce his role, but to write this property of the Shanghai dragon is to not let them have a good ranking, impure motives. There are websites by adding a college attribute to a good position, we do not recommend this opportunistic, smart >

2, site home page, ranking is not on the front page of the Links, don’t exchange. Site, a website in general are carried out according to the weight of the website ranking, the common sense should be the site of the highest weight home page, because many pages Links are for home construction. The site home page to see, or not see the website home page is likely to be punished, home page, link to his sin than ZhengZhan be K smaller, but still don’t link.

said Links, we may have many criteria, today just want to share myself that some basic principles should be followed:

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