This is love network of Shanghai Shanghai fault or dragon crime


love Shanghai is the angel of justice, leading the trend of the times, make snap reform. Love Shanghai solemn statement: combating web spam, attention to user experience, promote the quality of content. The Shanghai dragon industry thriving, and mast scull ashes to ashes, who dare to forget the June Piaoxue "Dou E injustice" annual drama. The so-called low quality content, who also said it was not clear, because of the low quality content is not equal to the pseudo original content. Like the original content is not equal to the pure handicraft article, weight (PR) higher than you reproduced is his dry cargo. Coupled with the turbulent love Shanghai rankings, unknown small business station popular. Ask the network in the world, who is the master of


short, simple network world is no longer learning life channel, began to be filled with pornography, fraud, plagiarism, advertising…… Love is wrong or Shanghai Shanghai dragon sin? See love Shanghai why assume the responsibility of the doings, just a little webmaster. Ya decoration in the first Admin5, please remember us: www.ahgyzs贵族宝贝, please indicate the source


"several crimes" Shanghai dragon this year is groundless statement? Money monopoly chiefs, distress, grass root users, grassroots webmaster…… Do not you see, what are we friends broke the news, ask the users so will project around press? Baidu for all users! What is the user experience? Love Shanghai said: the user experience (User Experience, referred to as UE) is a kind of pure subjective user use the product process in built up feeling. The user wants to see things that do optimization may be the ranking, website optimization work is only around the user. With the keyword "movie", "TV drama" for example (picture), most Internet users are browsing to Chinese HD, update fast, free download site, instead of "late" hao123 channel.

network China characteristics of the road, is a late bloomer. And no matter "has been imitated, never surpassed the Empire and the Tencent gezonglianheng Youku potatoes, just say we search" Invincible Eastern ", many people feel helpless? Chinese search engines love Shanghai is thriving: Google is gone, do not take a cloud; 360, is probably the head of white wolf soso; consumption, a milksop; Sogou technology, it is difficult to National Cheng Kung university… Only the love of Shanghai, the ages to come to dominate the political arena.

twenty-first Century is a new era of network, the network not only for the owners concerned, into the life, or the realization of our dream platform. Speaking of network reference to a search engine, the fact that 80% of the users in the habit of looking for the information they need through the search engine. So, how to develop


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