Three senior linkbait skills introduction and comparison

three, share type chain: share type chain type more, such as common website templates, FLASH templates, WORD templates, share type chain principle is equivalent to the exchange, I provide you with good resources, you help me promote the chain, and once spread will be very long and effectively, such as the early Lu Songsong blog, by providing free website templates and access to many high quality links, this method is tested until now, is the webmaster friends to try.

however, limitations of the chain contribution is also more prominent, Chongqing Wu Li believes that the first submission of the platform, can be used to contribute a handful of platforms, the second is not all types of Web sites have their own suitable contribution platform, if long-term submission chain will cause the chain of correlation decreased gradually. It is not suitable for long to do.

share link shortcoming is the propagation speed is relatively slow, at the same time to the webmaster has made preliminary and strong propaganda strength, of course, return.

advanced link strategy has a center of thinking, that is: let more people see ourselves and the spread of the chain. Chongqing Wu Li believes that this will become the future direction of Shanghai Longfeng site outside the chain to create.

news platform links: news source chain now is very hot, the quality of news source platform links is relatively high, the weight value is also very impressive, and mutual diffusion between the news gathering source can also let oneself get the link to a larger range, let his own website to obtain information exposure and chain the exposure is very helpful, but also relative to the submission type chain, site type scope of news platform for the much broader.


The importance of the Two,

but the biggest drawback is to pay for news platform links, it is difficult to accept for the small owners, at the same time to write the news source text comparison test station work, how to use hot or controversial topics, increase the information transmission rate is very a conscious, but if the cost, or to the outside of the chain the communication volume is not more.

chain is no longer here is not introduced, if you are still on the "LEE" on the chain and the chain of foreign judgments or hesitation, entangled in the end is not to send the chain, so Wu Li blog just want to say: don’t let that LEE did not send the chain in a word, but to everyone pointed out what the chain can not continue to send. Well then enter the body, Wu Li today want to share is to introduce three kinds of advanced techniques and comparison of linkbait.

, a chain of soft Wen contribute: contribute the chain are a relatively advanced link the most easy to do, not only can contribute the chain through access to high quality link contribution platform, but also can obtain many links to other platforms through the extension of the reprint spread, the width of the chain is also very helpful.

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