The old station and the railway station the Shanghai dragon optimization promotion analysis

for a new station, whether it is included in or ranking, nature is more than the old station. We do optimization is to go beyond the old Shanghai dragon station can be ahead of him. Write in front of "a PR value for 0 new sites to promote?" Recently, in the Internet to see a lot of competitors website analysis, to write a good, I also benefited from the. So, for a new sites, how to do it in front of the old station ranking, this is what we want to discuss the topic today. Following on the new and old station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and promotion are analyzed, two kinds of hope you can easily understand the website promotion differences.

two, development. The distribution and structure of the site of the old station keywords are ripe for the home page, column page keywords distribution targets have been done, the next focus is to expand the long tail keywords. The long tail keywords is the webmaster has been a good choice, do long tail keywords optimization, not only can bring more traffic, more can enrich website content and improve the user experience.

, a web site structure. A new station, the most important structure of the website itself. According to the target keywords selected distribution to column page, let search engines know what is the theme of the site. Is what we often say, clear theme.

two, internal links. The new general is not easy to do too much the chain, so it can strengthen the construction of the chain, the anchor text links for search engines to each page have turned to space. Do the internal around a word, an article three keyword optimization, not too much, otherwise the search engine is not clear the main keywords of this article is what.

old station basically achieve the above points, it can stabilize the rankings, and then to the development of. Below is a list of new promotion methods, for your reference.

old station is generally done for a long time, the keyword ranking is also relatively stable, rising space will become small, traffic will be very smooth, so that the old station, how to continue to do the promotion? I personally think that as long as do the following points on the line.


three, updated regularly. An old station wants to continue to develop, must have new blood, new content. Every day there are fresh and different content, in order to let search engines visit every day. The updated content as the original, the importance of the original in this I will not say more, most of the owners are aware of the.

, a stable chain. The old station through a long time accumulation, the chain number may reach hundreds of thousands, or even millions. This time don’t hang Italy light hearted, probably overnight, the number of website chain less tens of thousands, at this time, will have a great impact on the website ranking. Therefore, the stability of the chain is very important.

three, Links. A form of chain is the chain, the beginning of the new station is just steady, friendly chain is stable the chain the best way, friends of the chain chain is longer stability than pure some. Do three to five > every day

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