The large scale optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon group website

for the website construction of the industry itself does not make money, many companies will provide services in the production of Shanghai dragon optimization good website to customers. Then the face of so many websites how to optimize Shanghai dragon? In this paper, according to my own experience and we simply share large-scale web sites the Shanghai dragon optimization maintenance program.

of this kind of website construction company, station group, link trading, Links is the most convenient tools to achieve, and it is the customer’s station, no matter quality.

1, the establishment of key thesaurus


by the tool can directly see the links for each site, whether there is a link to this site, the sea love included, snapshots, home location, anti chain, PR, weight and flow of love in Shanghai.

Below is the key part of the

in site construction company, the establishment of the website from all walks of life, so the establishment of keywords is generally not too deep words, each industry will involve a little, only the establishment of key thesaurus thoroughly for the customer.

according to statistics, by the end of last year, Beijing has 2000 companies, the website construction team, studio. The vast majority of the site construction company has sales, planning, design, production, customer service program, and Shanghai Longfeng positions, the scale is not very large, generally a few dozen people who scale, many people wear several hats.

thesaurus the company to set up gift processing industry, because the site building needs more gifts, so also for industry products, key words are annotated.

even so, also collected tens of thousands of customer related key words.


if you download a Links interface file, you can directly through the background management platform Links. For the other K or snapshot slow station can be directly deleted, it can display the link to the site area.


2, the construction of the chain

3, Shanghai Longfeng effect monitoring >

but for so many websites link to the management of friendship is very complicated, so the optimization of link management platform to manage all the website Links directly, as shown below:


these words mostly come from the requirements of customers, and in combination with the keyword list part of their promotion, love love Shanghai Shanghai index collection, but due to lack of manpower, no special maintenance, expand the lexicon and monitoring. It is to adopt the long tail keywords optimization of the same industry website.

stations are their own station, so the link operation is easy; the sale links are generally pay for bulk buying links, but the love of Shanghai after the link Scindapsus algorithm, less; thereby increasing the intensity of management Links.

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