Why intoxicants mall site will be the algorithm update right down

from the above website of Shanghai Longfeng information can be seen, intoxicants mall one-way links too much, the chain 182, outbound links 1, than the minimum number of outbound links to buy tea has 6, so even if the anti drunk goods chain is true there will be love Shanghai to judge the possibility of cheating.

it can be seen that the guest is tea, and tea, buy tea have index, brand value, intoxicants mall has no index, the brand value is low, there is the domain name of the age of the 2 years also intoxicants mall domain name age 2 years and 5 months from sumcl tea 4 in three months.

2, brand value: since love Shanghai algorithm for the purchase link update, why other sites are not affected by

4, a large number of "create value: this can be understood as the mass chain or garbage outside the chain, the chain from intoxicants mall can be seen outside the chain of basic are some related forums or blogs, blog chain, through the algorithm after the update, the weight of this kind of chain obviously reduce, or not directly transfer the weight.

every time you love Shanghai update algorithm, always provoke uproar of the webmaster, someone happy others worry, a recent upgrade love in Shanghai will have a great influence on intoxicants mall, not updated snapshot, ranking disappear, and included sharp decline in traffic. To reduce the weight of intoxicants mall directly leads to the direct benefit of other tea store, and tea, buy tea, tea is the guest flow linear upward trend, why their website is not affected by the algorithm? Why intoxicants mall will be down the right to love Shanghai for the weekend? So algorithm updates analysis, the main reasons are the following:

3, does not have the meaning of exchange links recommended: buy links are sometimes difficult to grasp to all related site, most one-way links intoxicants mall is composed of not related forums and other sites. After the love Shanghai algorithm update, there is no correlation between the exchange links will not be given to transfer the weight, thus the relevance of the link in the chain is more and more important.

1, buy links: This is a lot of websites used a fast method to improve keyword rankings, many large ShangCheng Railway Station will use this way to optimize. Today, Shanghai love think he is a manipulation of keywords ranking cheating method, because it affects the fair competition, money can do rankings.


5, the site of the internal links: internal quality products mall website links with drunk if, for example: tea and tea and network encyclopedia, there is still guest tea customer advisory network, buy buy tea buy tea blog, these columns can be useful to the user, do within the chain to enhance the spider residence time crawl frequency, and thus enhance the long tail word ranking. The long tail word and intoxicants mall ranking mostly by the main keyword up, within the site and not for use.



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