From the love sea second new blog about a necessary condition for the establishment of new station

again I just what is the reverse link how to do this blog:

1: I went to a forum to register an account in character signature and personal website fill in the address, and then go back 2 posts (this forum can also



> !

first, for this blog, the domain name is registered in March 13th, take a look at this map:

from the all Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive search, you can see, all the other SE are not included, love Shanghai included thug blog

: 2 to 2 love Shanghai space I published the article, with the address of

this picture let me remain perplexed despite much thought, the snapshot display is 6 hours ago, probably around 9:30, but at the time of this site is not a chain, this I can be very sure, but love Shanghai is obviously included in my blog

registered the domain name, I immediately went to the service provider for the record, what the mailing information (if we consider long station, my suggestion is for the record, you are at home, taking into account the policy and speed of some reasons, for it), but because of some special reasons, the domain name has not given the record of success I don’t want to, the direct use of foreign space, wait until late April, the website still did not record success, then I’ll change to another service provider, probably less than half a month, the domain name registration is successful, the record by the time of May 13th, the basic situation is mannerless brat blog.

3: finally a snapshot of my daily updates to the site to do a one-way link to this blog



from the Shanghai love link we can also see that no one in the reverse link, which is a mix of kid blog address, another is a word, not a link to


said that under the following blog, establishment time, yesterday said the exact yesterday, just built up, but there are many things have not changed, as some type of copyright ah, ah, the things all did not change. Built up, I immediately stopped the DNS (to tell the truth, although there is no anti chain, but I still afraid of being included in SE, when the site is not formed is not required to launch), today morning spent some time to change the things inside, and then also stopped parsing, in the afternoon when, in almost all of the change, go outside and made a few links immediately, probably a few minutes of the world, and then query the use of webmaster tools, you can see below:

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