Another way to improve the user experience of front end optimization a

two, how to carry out the front-end Optimization:

3, CSS. Sprites combined with CSS images, and a good way to reduce the request number.

front-end optimization greatly. But it is basically divided into two categories, one is to optimize the content page code level, two is to optimize the WEB server. Today is the first to talk about the content page optimization level

2, and compression of

: why should the front-end Optimization:

watched a man written in A5, which have a common starting point, which is the user experience, then what is the user experience. Good understanding of the method is that when the user enters a web page, through the eyes of feedback to the brain, the first feeling of users. A lot of people to enhance the user experience basically only when it comes to the layout of the site, and the color collocation content rich. This kind of method is indeed enhance the user’s experience of force method, especially the level of content. A good article to add some pictures of the readability is obvious to people.

etc.In front of the


1, reduce the number of HTTP requests:

A5 in the search box to see today is less about the front-end optimization of the article, so I deliberately put some experience in front-end optimization out in share. To understand the front-end optimization, we must first understand the ultimate goal, because each do one thing we all have to exist. Not to do anything that is meaningless.

1. from the user perspective, optimization can make the page load faster, the operation of the user response more timely, to provide users with more friendly experience. Because of a high speed website reduce user waiting time; it is also a method to enhance the user experience necessary.

4, Inline Images data: URL scheme. The images embedded into the page or CSS, if you do not consider the resources management of the problem, it is a good way. If the page is embedded it is for increasing the volume of the page, and can not use the browser cache. CSS used in the picture is more desirable.

5, the script is arranged at the bottom of

before optimization part summarized so few points, there are many other methods. Because the space is too large, the optimization must be on the server after WEB. The specific operating method after the website to add screenshots of the text in a way to share, in order to achieve ripe >

resources Methods

2. from the service perspective, optimization can reduce the number of requests, or reduce the bandwidth request page, can save considerable resources. From this point of view, in order to reduce the waste of resources, after all, we often say: a waste of shame.

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