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, and still remind enterprises station operators, try to ask the boss to buy some cloud space or independent IP space, space is the basic foundation of website security, and can not be selected at random.

space station

there is no doubt that the original article is certainly the best, but the original article, we will be able to get the highest score of voting trust and this may not be?. And for example, the "enterprise stand down the right, why?" this article is original, assuming the hits per day and the amount of reading is 1, love Shanghai give original friendly points up to 3 points; if this article is completely copied over in other sites, in other web site access and click on the amount of 10, on my site is 20, so I immediately is plagiarism, but I got higher scores, in the course of time, my ranking absolutely will be ranked in the "original" above, this is the user experience. So a website article quality, can not alone a determined, and to read many factors from click + quality + to consider.

Enterprise Station

So in this

enterprise station, are generally small, with the portal station, forums, and news websites than the mall source shall not, so the website must structure with a flat structure. The flat structure of the site, directory hierarchy, spider easy to grab, the construction of the chain of controllability is strong, easy to each column page optimization, is also good for the station optimization.

Before In this

is currently a lot of stationmaster, is the enterprise station, most enterprises station of Shanghai Longfeng, also are limited to basic techniques and tools brush PV and flow above, according to the user experience is rarely used, which leads to these enterprises all the webmaster for keywords ranking and Shanghai dragon, this kind of thinking, has seriously restricted the website the development of factors and some enterprise stand down the right, can be tracked along this thinking. We give to analyze what is the reason why the following fall.

enterprise station, as the name implies, are some enterprise or company executives to make money while doing Internet marketing website, this website, most CEOs in this, graph space and domain name of the public to buy cheap, virtual space, and do not choose the server or cloud space, even independent of IP not choose this leads to late, because the same IP risk factors resulting in the site is down right increase. Enterprise operators can see, when you are full of confidence and hope, to the station, the original big, perfect structure, perfect the chain chain chain, quality, safety, but was suddenly down the right, how can not depressed.

and suggestions are given: the original and pseudo original + good to share, according to its website, with updated articles. Do not have to the original.

enterprise station structure

enterprise station chain

and share articles, there are few in this chain, why focus on the chain? Very simple, >

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