A picture from the beautiful waterfall flow site optimization details


description information of some pictures, we can encourage users to evaluate the page information to reduce page similarity. Visitors will become the page message evaluation and a unique landscape, let your page out of the ordinary.

: our picture page set up a detailed title

three: ALT > picture basic information label

rich text information for each page.


In addition to

now, the text information is still the most friendly page elements on the search engine. If you want to reduce your site in the pictures of the waterfall stream to repeat the work, add a rich text information is indispensable for each page. For our website if all the pictures cascade pages are single picture information, so even if your these pictures style beauty, color is bright, appears in the search engine, they are still the same. But the picture description information just to solve this short board. In the rich and colorful pictures and collocation a brief description of information, so that it can be very good for users and search engines and the content of our interpretation of the picture.

said people is a highly visual picture of the animal, for love is often greater than dull words. With the development of network, the picture has become a mainstream of the elements of a web site. For example, now very popular waterfall streaming website. The picture shows the waterfall stream is efficient and attractive, fast reading mode users a glance can get more information in a short period of time. But we also know that the image optimization is difficult, because the love of Shanghai is not a good picture recognition. So in the optimization of waterfall flow picture of the site is not what we need to pay attention to the details? We went through the analysis of the details of this beautiful image optimization a waterfall site to talk about stream distribution sites.

Title on a page in the role I think every Shanghai dragon Er are very clear, the search engine for the evaluation of a page depends largely on Title. Title is also the site of our users to obtain first-hand information from the search engine. A lot of waterfalls flow are similar because the website picture information products may appear highly repetitive, if repeated use of our Tiltle is immutable and frozen, then it will affect the page collection, and a large number of repeat similar pages for development sites and adverse. We look at the beauty that is how to deal with, such as a picture of the beautiful page said, we can see that a page first has a detailed and unique Title, this does not make the page for the search engine more friendly, also will let users see this page can find everything fresh and new.


two: add

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