A good website is built


I believe that this is the priority among priorities, in the station optimization, this one we must work hard at it, a user, he needs, he will use search engine, and then see what he wants, will move the mouse came to see you, if your site no good content, is where you do very well, the site is also not a useless website any value.

user experience?

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since 2012, has greatly changed the search engine ranking system (Shanghai love 2013 love Shanghai, Scindapsus algorithm) before the chain for the emperor, the chain is king "slogan to no one to say, now more and more people tend to be in the chain for the emperor, the chain with love in Shanghai weakened, many people began to pay attention to the construction of development within the site, and not in favor of the chain, the station ignored, dawn Shanghai dragon that website optimization user experience is what we do in the most important aspects in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, we love from the Shanghai algorithm ranking mechanism is not difficult that love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience, allowing users to save the search time, can let users in the shortest time to find the content they want can be seen in our website optimization and promotion process, user Experience is the first and only allow users to enjoy a good experience, can be truly recognized by users.


, Shanghai Dragon technology from an early point of view: a site if you want to get a good ranking, webmaster as long as know how to send the chain and exchange can be so in love, friends, the Shanghai algorithm is not perfect before, many owners use the loopholes in the rules, a lot of people into the partnership group studio, dedicated to the people outside the chain, the chain industry early is developed, and some people is to use the software to complete the chain task, no matter what the chain, as long as the line, website ranking will definitely up, so early on the altar why so active, because a lot of people use the chain of personality the signature, every day in the forum.

the second step: what users want, we provide what

(Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai Dragon technology introduced from abroad Chinese, China webmaster every day day and night to study how to make a website to get more traffic, more business orders and revenue.

this may be our judge a website user experience is a very important aspect, the good website, if open very slowly, the user will lose a lot, we generally require open a website within 3 seconds, open the website slow friend, can try to optimize the code, reduce flash and pictures or, the configured space.

first step: site access speed meets the needs of users

so, when we do site promotion and optimization, we need to be really

The third step:

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