About how to buy high quality Links from five aspects

check link to

how can you judge a site quality from the snapshot, included, PR and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, but we do love Shanghai is the main domestic rankings, so can not so fancy PR, because PR is mainly for Google ranking, Shanghai ranked no influence on love too much. Therefore, to love Shanghai ranked words is mainly to see each other and included snapshot. According to the snapshot update frequency, the number of included and included speed can determine the quality judgment of the other site. Looking for the new snapshot included fast, is relatively good.

a single site included no traffic is not enough, the size of the flow in direct response to the value of the site, therefore, when analyzing the value of each website, we can use some Adsense tools flow estimation function analysis of other web site under general traffic, only to buy those heavy traffic sites in between the solutions to drive their own website weight colleagues to increase your website traffic. So check each other site traffic is relatively important.

The first point:

third: check each other snapshots, and PR

our people search habits or prefer to love Shanghai, and Shanghai is the main optimization sex sex Shanghai Shanghai love weight, weight is generally according to the keywords in quantity, the first 3 pages of keywords ranking, keyword search volume was estimated from the introduction of love Shanghai engine traffic and the love from the Shanghai engine introduction the flow of more weight is also higher, and some weight high website in Shanghai love engines tend to have good rankings, so check each other site weight is a standard to judge the quality of the chain of friends.

The weight of

site outbound links is the average distribution of the other outbound links means more weight to you is less general those outbound links within 30 sites is relatively good, if far exceed this range, it is not as good as their promotion. So, outbound links more or less, have great relevance to link quality.

fifth: check the website content

for one-way import links can make some of the weight low ranking sites did not get a qualitative leap in a short period of time, so many owners in order to improve their website weight, rankings, will choose to buy some PR high weight, high link. But buying link is a very deep knowledge, there is too much to pay attention, not all of the PR of the high quality links, so when buying links should pay attention some of the ideas below the author on the basis of previous experience and share some of their friends of the chain has long been engaged in this work for some of the details to say note that when buying a chain:

on the analysis of other export link, Shanghai love weight, snapshots, like, we still have an important step that is check >

second: check the website weight

fourth: check each other site traffic

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