A simple but important Shanghai Longfeng formula

1, it is simple to understand, it is the main purpose of an integral symbol, C=content, represents the content of the website, L=link, represents a link to the site, K=keywords O=others, is the keyword. Is the impact of other factors, the Shanghai dragon think, Shanghai dragon is actually a long process of "time" integral, and website content is the core of it. Long term to create high quality content, the weight of the website will go up.

4, K3 – third key factors are important, any a web page in the search engine’s index library inside, are corresponding with the keywords, which is a theme, the theme is words on a page, we want to put keywords layout, the most important words the layout of the first.

= Clock= Shanghai dragon formula formula

3, L2 – link, it includes internal links and external links on a web site, link it is important, in the ranking factors, also accounted for a large weight, inside the site, the chain to do like cobwebs, let the spider along a link can crawling all web pages to do anchor text, and starting from the user experience, to link the correlation, the chain should be appropriate to do some, in the chain, to do as much as possible for some important to each URL are doing at least one chain.

C1 – 2, it ranked first, it is the first factor affecting Shanghai dragon, rich website Web site content is fundamental, as the saying goes, smart daughter-in-law, here is a web content, it is extremely important, no website, may not have the flow, and website content is not only Shanghai dragon, it is the site of the root, which is also the basic search engine, search engine is to provide more excellent content for users, the real quality, and reliable, high authority to the front page ranking, so starting from the user, rich website content is fundamental, as long as you to adhere to the content, at least you in the right direction.

Shanghai dragon is very wide, including the factor is also very much, really want to put it in a formula to express, it is not so easy, just browse Shanghai Longfeng articles on the Internet a few days ago, stumbled on an article, it is a story a simplification of the Shanghai dragon optimization formula, although this formula is not absolute label, contains the factors is limited, but the formula it can put the core content of Shanghai Longfeng do included, and the sort, I carefully read it, I think we just follow the formula to optimize. The rank of the website or can optimize up, and that according to this formula, is also beneficial to long-term development of the site, below I share with you the Shanghai dragon in formula. And my understanding of it. The formula is: C1+L2+K3+O4

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