Discussion on the use of the three page type reasonably improve the site collection



I think we site what page updates most frequently, so that a page is the most suitable for dynamic pages. Certainly the most frequently update is the home page of the site. If we use the generated static, then the site may be another web site, one is the original address, an address is generated. So we site to be divided into two portions of unnecessary. For the low weight site may influence is not obvious, but the weight of the site for high impact will be great. So I think we should use dynamic pages on the home page.

is pseudo static pages, pseudo static page is a page type between the static and dynamic pages derived from a combination of. Because the static page has the disadvantages of large occupation space, so we can use the pseudo static to static and dynamic pages effect. This process is called by code fine site masquerading as a static page suffix. The pseudo static page is a general search engine, it is not very popular search engine love, but this kind of relatively static pages and dynamic pages, can achieve the vulnerability of the small space is less, so this type of page is widely love webmaster. The author thinks that the column page of this type of page is generally best application and site or page classification, because the column page access volume is large, and the column page.

static page has been considered the best optimization of the page, so it is relatively, and dynamic pages, static pages more on the search engine more friendly, but we cannot ignore a big problem, that is the static page space is relatively large. We need to spend more on the performance of the server is. If your web page is more, so your site will need a lot of space. In the optimization of the above, the weight transfer relative to the static pages to dynamic pages will be relatively slow, so we need to consolidate the recurrent sites inside and outside the chain chain. If the site has good content, weight lifting will soon. So I think, for static pages we can apply it to our site content page. Because as long as the content of the page is generated, generally do not need to do what changes. Therefore, the author thinks that the static page is best placed in the content page.

Page type Finally

: a static page

dynamic web page

station has evolved into three kinds, which are static pages and dynamic pages and pseudo static pages. Some people are aware of the optimization, the static page is the page type search engine friendly, so this kind of page is most easily indexed by search engines. That is really the case? I think the answer is not necessarily, the author thinks that the rational use of the best is three, because the three will inevitably have their own advantages and disadvantages. Only in the places they can play the best effect.

three: pseudo static page

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