From the analysis of Google hummingbird algorithm to adjust the semantic parsing

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, semantic analysis is the future direction of the development of search engine. In one example I typed "apple" by semantic analysis. You can know is that I want to find the apple mobile phone, instead of apple fruit. If you are only from the key to return to our information, it is very funny. I want to find Jobs’s apple, you return to me to eat the fruit of apple. One hundred and eight thousand.

now the search engine in the growth of their own database, in the analysis of the semantic enhancement. Now the search engine can only be understood literally a group of keywords, it does not know behind this set of keywords represents what mean? Semantic analysis is to have analysis of this set of keywords, and know the meaning behind it.

from Google’s "hummingbird" algorithm to adjust the semantic parsing

, for example, I want to input "knowledge network trademark", we see that, I think that easy to registered trademarks. To know or easy to understand some knowledge about trademark registration. But now the search engine can not understand. He can only distinguish known trademark registration. These seven words, as to what these seven words represent, he did not know. Google hummingbird, do is by collecting large amounts of data. Then try using the search engines to understand the meaning behind the words.

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was obviously out of action will be according to the hummingbird algorithm, key density, location, to determine a theme to reduce the number of. The role of semantic analysis. Is behind the understanding of user input keywords better logic, but also can be said to be needed. So the future direction will be changed to Shanghai dragon. Behind the real needs of the user analysis. Who grasp this point, then the ranking is not what difficult. So the next analysis of the users actually need is crucial. This is the general direction of the problem. We must arouse our attention.

actually has a very simple tips. For example, we enter a set of keywords "trademark registration to how much money?" we see the words, now you answered. As you can imagine, this is a user directly to your question. Do you want to answer this question from the perspective of customer service. As long as you put up this problem. So, your site’s design. According to the points you answer them. To answer it.

search engine to complete semantic analysis, then must collect enough data. This is also the reason why Google, than to love Shanghai fast step. Google is a collection of data from around the world. A large amount of data so as to put forward the "hummingbird" the semantic analysis of the earliest methods.

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