A few points on the large hospital website optimization

hospital website competition is fierce, grab a few high weight website keywords, consuming enormous human and material resources to the first row, also dozens of traffic. And so, as well as several flow small but strong in the long tail keywords, the so-called people more power, dozens of long tail keywords can also bring a considerable flow. Like Sina, NetEase and other large portals, long tail keywords flow accounted for a considerable proportion of.

website optimization without absolute thinking, there is no fixed method, there is only a good thinking and a feasible method, practice is the best way to test effect.

: the original Wolf

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The use of

now the hospital competition is increasingly fierce, have the game by line upgrade to the network, the hospital website marketing increasingly large groups, the larger the hospital can do for advertising, the budget will have to the hospital with minimal overhead to obtain the maximum benefit. The auction advertisement is always a bottomless pit, Shanghai dragon is more realistic choice.

3, long tail keywords

The application of

large hospital web site in the search engine’s performance almost all stereotypes, lack is the link and take care of internal site optimization. The station optimization reasonable allocation is divided into tag sorting and internal links. Label finishing, title, keyword and description was writing, H label application. The internal links such as the site map is established, there is no 404 error jump, related content links, keywords in the distribution of the anchor text.


general hospital website will have more channels and columns, such as gynecological hospital, can be divided into the section of the channel "gynecological inflammation", "infertility" etc.. What we know is that the more the level directory Web site, may have to get to the place when the spider crawling. Enable two domain names, each channel as the home page, reduce the directory level, can optimize more keywords; but the opening of the new two level domain name is no weight.

4, outside the chain of high quality

now love Shanghai ranking is to fight outside the chain, if not all, but also play a key role. The high quality of the chain for simple or complex is a thinking problem, considering all aspects, jump to conventional thinking, you have dense willow trees and bright flowers, a clear chain scheme, the construction of the chain is a very simple question.

2, the station optimization

hospital website optimization as corporate websites, forums and blogs to several hair outside the chain, update the article, ranking can come up, the competition between the hospital website more intense; many hospital sites are PR4 and PR5 high weight station, not the general chain.

1, two level domain name

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