Love the sea change index method to trace the complaint

about the complaint, but once again broadcast address complaints (贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback), we give you a reminder, in writing the complaint should try to describe problems, citing the Shanghai dragon enthusiast Pi Zirui experience: "the site index was abnormal, can use the index amount of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform query tool, a traversal some of the main sub level your website domain name or directory to determine exactly which sub domain index or directory is abnormal." "Each channel selection page, this page of the URL direct search in Shanghai love web search, the minimum range to locate deleted snapshot pages." "And then gives a clear physical" in the complaint URL, with corresponding changes in the data." It is easy to quickly find the crux of the problem of love Shanghai staff complaints.

– Robost protocol will not be a problem, resulting in a large number of confidential page is love Shanghai grab


– will not be increased after the site was hacked a lot of Web spam

you know the index amount (or amount included) is the cornerstone of the website traffic, will stare at the index of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform provides tools to view the daily. In theory, the index fluctuation is normal, but also should not let down. So, how to trace the cause index changes? In the last week at the VIP forum held in the Shanghai Mansions of love, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform expert Ji Dongqi teacher to the students to explain the variation of the index tracking process, Xiao Bian today also did not participate in the seminar to share the webmaster friends:

– a substantial increase in URL will occupy the limited quota to grab, quality content uncrawled

in addition, webmasters often only in the index decreased when gripped one, in the eyes of love Shanghai internal staff, the amount of growth index It is without rhyme or reason. should be vigilant, should check:

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