On the top off site for website promotion strategy channel


the following are some of my experience in the promotion of the process, we can refer to the following:

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Hello, I am the thunder off network Li Xin, today mainly talk about is about to top off site for promotion channels, when it comes to top off, get some owners do not understand, the most typical example of this kind of website is DIGG, it is through the user’s access to the Internet to share information new.

from Mr Lu Songsong’s blog saw this by top off the promotion of the site, and was personally tested, the result is beyond my expectation. The test site of PV increased 980 times in that day, independent IP reached 300, and the content of the search engine to share this website can be included, but is a good channel.



1. top class guest website promotion is mainly Digg, Chinese top off, and a network, digg is due to the foreign website, get the page title through the web site this step on the more trouble, if you fail the first time try again.

ray passenger network (贵族宝贝kfleike贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please keep, thank you.

2. of top guest website, should pay attention to the corresponding classification and content, otherwise it may cause the administrator to delete posts and other phenomena, and every day the number of share is best not more than 10 times, the reason for this is to avoid search engine punishment due to sudden surge in the number of foreign chains.

4. finally, hope the webmaster friends should be careful not to share the low quality of the content in your station content, please do not for the promotion of your site, will be a pure share of environmental pollution.

3. share of the content should be combined with as far as possible, in order to achieve the purpose of attracting users, because the top off sites are often the user clicks to analyze the share is hot and thunder off network was in China top off shared two and funny related content, and graphic combination, finally in the day in the rankings of the first page, which has been close to 200 independent IP.

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