According to Google included some daydream about nofollow

be deleted?

at first, when I stand up due to negligence, page 2 for links (as links) I just lost a nofollow, just think of the problem above, so easy to test. When the 2 links in the case of nofollow off the links as long as the entrance, or the same will be included, the weight should not be a problem, when you site, this link ranking on the home page, site ranked according to common sense, should be your weight in the station ranking. For fear of interference, I have waited for 2 weeks, as is the case. So, guys, eliminate the concern.

so, nofollow out of the link is not included in the case there is no entrance, nofollow as long as the entrance can still be included.

1, a 2 page link nofollow off one, another will be included?

experimental station, Google included the sylvia.

included nofollow, I wrote a new article, as the title of the article is very special, the content is controlled in 500 to 800 words. On the home page to a link, plus nofollow, 2 weeks later, this link has not been included. I mentioned above, I stand Google is included, is basically the first time included, this article has been included behind the update.

In order to test the

in the forum to discuss nofollow people are afraid of this puzzle, using nofollow control weight case spider does not include content.

weight nofollow link transmission, nofollow links included the delete. Mainly for Google.

there is little to be sure, nofollow out of the link is weakened in the weight distribution. The page links under certain conditions, the shift, you should understand this truth. Ha-ha。



well, 2 to be linked, the weight of the nofollow will reduce it (that is the link free entrance in the station, nofollow)? Will the

after 2 weeks, I put another link home page nofollow. A week later, nofollow out of the page ranking fell to second pages in the site station, after a month of precipitation, now has been ranked the last one. Well, ranking should be decreased, the weight should be weakened. After 1 months, the links are not deleted, but the strange thing is love Shanghai since deleted. I have a doubt, is supposed to be small, the total was less than 200 pages, not to love Shanghai up included, included delete common, and not only delete this page, so to be fine.

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