Do not stack keywords and website optimization is down right

‘s advice is given in the title by adding a small amount of keywords, and then through the station layout reasonable to add other keywords.

first of all to talk about several common forms of keyword stuffing.

we all know there is the concept of keyword density, website optimization, we ask the site keyword density between 2%-8%, which is in order to let search engines know whether our site is associated with the keyword.

1, in the title keyword stuffing

3, through the hidden code stack keywords

2, the website internal keyword stuffing

sites in order to ensure the overall appearance of the site, the hidden code to increase keyword density, but does not affect the overall user interface, although not directly see, but to search engine spiders or be able to grab the.

in the past, a website can stack keywords, finally also can get good rankings. But in the era of change, love Shanghai algorithm improvement for early that the situation is also very attention to stack keywords, so under the new algorithm, stack keywords love is banned in Shanghai.

keyword belongs to a website optimization cheating, once found by the search engines, the website will be right down, Xuzhou ewang remind you to refrain from keyword stuffing and be right down.


title is a very important content in the website optimization, according to the "four word" principle, to the words in the title, but a lot of people will own all the words are added to the title. But some keywords website is more special, for example a business related website in Shanghai, his title reads "Shanghai – Shanghai – Shanghai dragon dragon dragon training service – Shanghai – Shanghai – Dragon Dragon optimization consultant Shanghai Longfeng tutorial – Shanghai dragon ranking". If the word is less words, words like this caused by the pile will be relatively minor, but much of it will form keywords to stack the keywords of Shanghai dragon.

The two methods of

above, if relatively minor, love Shanghai may not be punished for websites, but through the hidden code stack keywords is very serious cheating, once loved in Shanghai found that the drop right is inevitable.

in front of us said, keyword density is the best in the 2%-8%, but the experienced staff of Shanghai Longfeng know keyword density and no actual standard. Now the real optimization, there are few.

we all know that we need to carry out the layout of the keywords in the site construction, as for how to use keywords, we will not detail. It is necessary to point out that some sites in love at the bottom of the site to write directly on the site Keywords: XX, xx. This way is very not recommended.

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