Under the soft Scindapsus algorithm to decide on what path to follow

from this update, can see, can enter the love Shanghai source of news media, in the marketing of the weight is very high, high weight can be more popular with the spider, also can get more user groups. If the article can be published in major news media, search engine to give the weight is very high. Users see the reputation in the subconscious than ordinary high, according to the different properties, select the appropriate media channels are different, many enterprises just choose a platform release, IT industry released to the financial industry channels, seemingly is all news platform, the weight is the same, but for potential users, and not a good experience, stop the flow of the conversion rate will be very low, not targeted access to potential client sites.

on the media platform seize the opportunityThe object

do soft but not soft

July love Shanghai updated Scindapsus algorithm, algorithm upgrade again, hitting advertising of soft, soft release site and punishment. The search engine algorithm is more and more strict, soft, acts as a only way outside the chain, once again suffered a blow in the search engine update step by step, blow the chain, how to go to the soft chain planning operation? How can we want to achieve the effect of

this update is obviously the main combat advertising is soft, not soft outside the chain. High quality original soft Wen is not in the scope of strike. You can see out of the soft operation to achieve success, to achieve the effect, the most important is to seize the opportunity, the algorithm has been updated, it can be seen that everyone has their own ideas, can also be seen on A5 many articles about the update algorithm. The user is interested in the content of fresh forever. When we at the right time to launch its own brand, in order to achieve the maximum effect. The attention of the user naturally more.

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, as the name suggests is a soft advertising, forced advertising different mandatory advertising, want to play the role of marketing real. To achieve the ultimate soft, allowing users to read, can subconsciously to search related products brand, as the Internet grows, many soft made ism, with their own web site, the soft operation strategy has been away from the scope of the soft, has not been able to call the marketing is soft. At the same time, the user will not be such advertising evoke the desire, the spider will be disgusted. So, the soft operation of the content should be really soft, love to fight the Shanghai official is not really soft advertising.


In this paper,

no matter how to change the search engine algorithm, is not given the blow to the real meaning of high quality soft outside the chain of Internet industry, the need for high quality brand marketing.


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