Your website is constantly K is your problem or search engine problems


you love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon Er have repeatedly stressed that the original, emphasize the user experience, I want to talk about us closely is to do rankings? We closely put the chain on his hand to send out the pseudo original, the chain is included pseudo original included we just wait for website ranking? This society is too impetuous, everyone seems to have no time to stop and think too much. Even if the "content is king" the content you ready?

layout and site collocation? Typos? Call column reasonable? These are the user experience, are you sure you do a

can be called a dead link. Some impatient stationmaster or the owner’s request, we have to modify the site template, if you don’t have to deal with the dead link, then it will bring a lot of adverse effects. For example in the chain chain, the chain chain (probably hard to do the love Shanghai Encyclopedia of some of the things that the chain is good so no) if you don’t deal with dead links are likely to be K, don’t say K is included. But if you put the chain handle made of 404 pages, then fell in love with sea will take your stand in the box, and then after a month to put your stand out.

pseudo original is not wrong, but not the success of the pseudo original is wrong. If you are a new station, you every day is updated according to the amount of time you have been included in the K, so this time only analyze your articles, maybe you just fall in love with the sea station that waste site, content of no value. Although Shanghai does not love you is not the identification of logical thinking, but I believe that love Shanghai algorithm have been changed, the so-called pseudo original may have been not so good with.

search engine? "

"Baidu is crazy" the word appears frequently in our eyes dangling, to tell you the truth I don’t want to see it, but also can not help but click into see how various heroes with emotion. Want to know why the website has been out? Want to know why the new hair of the article has not been included? Hurry to analyze their own own website. Here I am from several aspects about web site continues to be K’s personal views.

The overall style of the row of ?

not duplicate content

in this fickle world, the only thing we seek is fast, the sooner the better. Maybe you’re not planning your content, you may feel no need. May you find a few articles today to each section of a section to an article, you may find your boss what the content is actually a lot of confusion is the same, may have the same title, may have the same end, perhaps this is the reason you are K.


of the adverse effects of dead links

are you sure of your website content is the spider that valuable

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