Three easy beyond love Shanghai rivals

Nanjing Shanghai dragon built blog, see the love Shanghai home Nanjing Shanghai dragon related websites, many domain name more than two years, the number of tens of hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands of thousands of the chain, there are many company’s website, I put them all open look, hoping to find it beyond their method. After study, heart finalized a goal for a month, I can easily surpass

we can know love Shanghai index, search volume keywords you want to query. The literal meaning of the word is small, relatively low-key, not to be found;, that the word frequency is too high, may be rotten.

2, Shanghai love search volume

! , a key competition station based on Competition

love Shanghai index refers to a keyword in the past period of time, a number of users to search the statistics. He is changing every day, can directly reflect the degree of users love and demand.

1, Shanghai


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3, love Shanghai home page ranking

love Shanghai search volume, you enter a keyword in the home page is displayed behind, there is love numbers, Shanghai search volume.

said here is the natural home page ranking, ranking outside the auction to remove, look at the love Shanghai home before ten (natural ranking) what station, which use the home page ranking, how many. The home page website ranking of the degree of competition is relatively large, the inside pages of the website rankings, competition is relatively small.

general sense, the search volume of less than 2 million, belonging to the degree of competition is relatively small, easy to do in the home page. 200-500 million, 500-1000 million is medium difficulty, belongs to the high difficulty, more than 10 million of the high degree of difficulty can not belong to me, I glanced at the two minutes will be dizzy,

index of love



No matter what



wants to make one thing, we need to look at what the opponent is doing, how to do, we should pay attention to what, before we can catch up with him, than he. The so-called know ourselves victorious.

we can search the index and search volume to love Shanghai investigation, we selected keywords to do, to find the starting point for, find the one and both as an understanding wife and loving mother, sexy and beautiful. Found, you have half the success


love Shanghai index 0-200 is the degree of competition is the competition of small, 200-400 – 400-600 is 600-800, the degree of competition, competition is in 800-1000 +, the degree of competition is difficult, more than 1000, the degree of competition is difficult to +, this index makes many people love and hate

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