The site does not do the chain how to make the ranking to rise slowly

chain has been one of the most important factors affecting the keyword ranking, especially in the pre site on the site of a greater impact on the site later words didn’t what. One of the most headache thing for the chain is also the Shanghai dragon Er, I just wanted to get the dry Shanghai dragon year, entered into a company first allowing no explanation for three months before the chain again, because of learning or have a preliminary understanding of the Shanghai dragon. Of course, at the beginning of a lot of things to explore, bursts of three months of the chain is painful, but it is everyone’s hard work since the only way which must be passed, these three months is to lay a solid foundation, too much of the next few years are not what foreign chain, general the chain place or that, occasionally hear people say so good the chain will try.

how to make search engines to capture this data? The method is very simple, with a love of Shanghai statistics. This love in Shanghai will be able to collect your data, of course, can also use other promotion methods, combined with various promotion methods also, such as you use video marketing or micro-blog WeChat can, but the best flow is stable, do not have 80 IP today, tomorrow is only 20, so search you cannot leave the engine that the user may cause unfavorable factors, so the promotion also need ongoing.

actually do the chain is a waste of time, if you do not consider the factors of promotion, without considering the traffic factors, this is a very worthwhile. Many people want to get rid of this thing, I told a lot of master talked about this thing, how to do a website from outside the chain can do website ranking. Chat with friends in the process they tell me there is such a situation, they did the test, this method is feasible. At that time I heard here also very excited, in fact, think back on it is inferred from the principle of such a thing, but they did not expect, others turned out I was figured out.

in order to make the site included a little faster, of course, a few hair the chain should also, or submit it for. After the website to create user groups, to do promotion and drainage on the line, it is very simple. If you are a popular industry, even an industry searches all but 100 of the index, if you have a 500 QQ group at this time, go there every day to send some valuable advertising, and then prompts the user to click. So every day you site from the QQ group also brings 80 IP you in this industry even more user groups website, search engines do not put your ranking up it back to who’s up ah, the best course is to let the search engine to capture the data.

is a kind of method to get the user, of course it is best to another important factor is also used in the original content. Content is the foundation of a company, not you again the strong promotion content will only hurt your website. Not everything is no good to retain users, quality content > permanent


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