The special website page optimization to enhance the user experience

, avoid long length caused "huge volume also makes the user feel difficult to understand.

as everyone knows, we do a lot of time on the topic of the page is the need for a visual picture show to the user, allowing users to feel more sense expressed by us. The manufacturing process is the first general graphic design software to make pictures of the source file, and then into the web via HTML and CSS transformation, in order to save a lot of the time we directly use pictures inside, this will greatly increase the volume of web pages, resulting in slow loading. In fact, many pictures of our.

is actually very special page on the website, such as a website for a holiday to do a promotion, many are in such activities, let more users know themselves at some advertising platform. And let the user to access the link through advertising advertising content page should be very clear, if you use the front page, then every activity but also on the home website and in the end after the change back, is a waste of time, but also for the Shanghai dragon unfavorable. So many times now everyone is to set up a special page for the site of such activities, of course this is the application case topic page, but also a way of common.

we do a really special is to think through such a page to let users know more we want to express the information, so in a lot of time on our page may do very long, some even more than more than 10 screen content. So whether it is for the user or search engine, such as the web page is loaded to the need for a long time, some even takes tens of seconds, who have no such patience. Moreover, even if the user is a very patient man, see the more than 10 screen content are headache, although the interpretation is very specific, but instead make people feel very puzzling. In fact, we only need a few screen content can express a general information to the user, so that it can make the user a glance will know what we are doing, if they are interested in nature will continue to browse the chain page on this page, because this time already know what to do. Of course, it belongs to the planning of the above work, and the following points I want to talk through technical means to optimize.

as mentioned above, we created a special page is not within the page is not home, but with a relatively high quality of the page, especially when we create a special page is in order to make the user. So how to let users from a simple page to feel his love, is actually the problem of friendship, such as our game website launched a new game, then we extended if the topic page must allow the user to see the projects page will feel very friendly, so as to produce the transformation. Here through some of my own how to optimize the website topic page and enhance the search engine and user friendliness.

second, as far as possible to code instead of some pictures, reduce the size of web pages.

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