What is the network promotion chain and how to do the chain

chain, known as the external links, is simply from other sites link to your website link

can improve the PR value and PR page is


blog into your own web site article, this is the URL





search engine through the chain, from "A" to climb B, the discovery of new content page B and included, so as to enhance the website.



The basic form of


website: website included the total number more, the search engine "


chain to bring traffic, the chain of the page, there must be a high traffic can. Like some love Shanghai product chain: love, love Shanghai, Shanghai know Post Bar hot forum


anchor text on the site of the most low-end, usually to Links to indicate

is the most direct increase website traffic:

two-way link:

cross link:

The classification of


is a hyperlink to a web page, and there is no corresponding link to the original page, is a one-way


keywords ranking


For example, in the

refers to the two-way link, link to your site the website of the other side, the other side also links to your site, interactive

lifting the weight of the website, as we all know how to become a star, the star and the star? Let you out together on various occasions you slowly famous.

links, anchor text links and images

cross link is a Links cooperation, common Links is link exchange between two stations, cross link is a link form of cooperation between the three stations or more exchange station.

The Evaluation of Why do the chain

one-way link:

picture link is simply we browse many websites in some image ads, one will be able to enter the corresponding website, this is the picture link.


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