Your website is noble baby drop right


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noble baby down the right of punishmentAll

, a new station, included soon, ranking will soon, but after a period of time (about a month), a sudden drop in rankings, then, is most likely to enter the noble baby sandbox. This is a noble assessment of the new baby.

is the first case, it can be assured that the site to maintain the normal operation, less than a month, the site will be restored. Noble baby to the new test is actually very simple, pay attention to your update and the chain is normal. If this is the second case, you need to restore to you as before the revision of the website style and data, and carefully release content. Recovery time longer, usually more than 3 months.

noble baby algorithm is strong, the network needs to be "useful" content, search engine to index is the useful content. So, if your site is not ranking, or ranking suddenly disappeared, so please carefully understand your web site. Whether it is "useful". A clear conscience of words, please submit representations to the search engine.

This paper consists of

noble baby, global search engine, although Chinese has been out for a long time, but still can not shake the position in the world. Do noble baby Shanghai dragon basically is foreign language station, then you know the noble baby whether on your site drop right? After reading this article, you will learn more about the estimation. The noble baby down the right punishment for the present in hot topic, because the noble baby in recent months to continuously improve the new algorithm, the inevitable phenomenon is most sites appeared in the nobility baby rank declined obviously or suddenly no ranking, I mean those keyword ranking is not your home page, all pages but website a sudden change in ranking. In the face of this phenomenon, many webmaster confused, why the website ranking will suddenly drop, or can’t find it? As for this issue only two possible answers.

contains articles not search. Sometimes, write an article, very special title, was included after the direct search even the title of the article, also not in the first row, by other websites, even no ranking.

two form

1 ranking, the site suddenly disappeared, even if the search site name can not be found in your website pages.

2, the new

two, the old station, a sudden fall in, or is the site caused by the excessive optimization, or cheating.

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