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the first search engine for web site overall included

in what we usually do the Shanghai dragon, for the website included basically is so understanding. Of course, there are still some people not only know these, but I always think so, but I still ignore a problem, is the search engine spiders crawl. This is very important, the quality of search engines crawl the page volume and determines the overall site included a. Grab the amount of search engine where to see it, it is necessary to analyze the web log, web log records in a website to grab and browse all the actions, so look at the web log is also an important basis or information. The search engines also is to see your website for spider crawling is not hindered, for example, the web server always refused to visit, it is affecting spider; also for example, some websites to prevent multiple access with the IP collection, a period of time to disconnect this, but he neglected an important the problem can achieve this effect, acquisition. However, the spider can also like this, this is a spider crawling barrier. So, in the judgment of a web site included, not only by the above decision, there is a search engine to crawl.

why to use the data to make scientific Shanghai dragon? I recently listened to the teacher’s free video lesson in scientific, Shanghai dragon. For the rookie, in fact, or learn pretty much. Here, I will share with you by yourself to learn, hope not to or neglect please a lot of advice.

why do you say, for a web site for the whole collection when the number of pages, these pages will bring traffic opportunities. Determinants of Web site overall for, the quality of search engines crawl the page volume and. I think we all know the web page for the quality of the collected influence, is the original and the latest. For search engines, and the degree of original content is a good effect for collection. Plus a little, the whole weight is the website, what is the weight? Weight and PR are two concepts can not be equated between the two. The weight is the search engine for your attention and trust, when a site is search engine good attention and trust are naturally high, weight.

is currently on most sites will do Shanghai Longfeng, so who the site will row in the search engine home? Well, we do have Shanghai dragon is for what? So, I started to think I do Shijiazhuang Shanghai, Shijiazhuang Hebei, Shanghai dragon dragon optimization of the words is for what? In the final analysis, is to build the brand and profit. So these are from what aspects reflected? That is, Shanghai Longfeng flow. The Shanghai dragon flow is what decision? Here, I will share with you.

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