Teach you three make your website ranking in Shanghai

is not necessarily the original is good, not only is the original and does not meet the needs of users are of no use, to meet the needs of users is the priority among priorities (original but also meet the needs of users)

The The promotion of

2, a better ranking:

according to this principle, we use the MATE information, Title, D>

is to take over the page (the premise to meet the needs of users), add pictures, adjustment, will be more valuable, called "content gain".

included is the basis of ranking and click, how to make your page to be collected is the most important.

If the

A, the page title page title page settings: what is the embodiment of the main page said. The title appears on the core keywords will get good weight. (the user searches for a word, such as easy to get high marks in the title).

path problem: cannot appear double path (or even four paths, namely to static, and no 301)

1, easy to be included:

without opening it is necessary to set up. Sub domain and directory is not well included, will be affected. When the general contents can open many sub domain. Two low correlation can open directory sub domain, but must have content, otherwise it will be considered that the creation of the station group of cheating.

how to let you have a ranking on the site? There are three main points:

Small website

recommended no more than three layers, the first, list page, page, which is beneficial to the spider crawling. The site map will put all the connected list to the spider to grab, but not suitable for the use of large websites. (love Shanghai Webmaster Platform provides sitemap, can apply).

C, the chain: normal, user to the page number of citations is higher, the higher the weight of the page. But most hair outside the chain, sent to the user without love. The correct way to simulate the propagation behavior of users to do the natural connection can achieve satisfactory results and chain extension. Such as: bus card users to search for there "?" we can add anchor text link "bus card how much money?" this is the extension of the user’s needs, is worth more than N a chain.

click on the weight: 19 in the ranking page, if the increase hits in a short period of time, the ranking will rise.

B, the content of Construction:

Small and medium-sized

A, website structure:

3, better Click:

B, sub domain name and Directory:

search engine through the web submission (i.e. their submission), within the chain, the chain to include your website. Then the structure of the site is built on the basis of the internal chain. If the structure is not clear, not clear navigation will not help the spiders to crawl in the chain.

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