Shanghai Longfeng optimization must love Shanghai and family relationship


therefore, we can say that most of Chinese webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er fate is in the hands of the hands of big brother love Shanghai. To love a fortune in Shanghai to improve relations with Shanghai love big brother, let him give you a good day (your website ranking on the home page), or no good, or make your website ranking or ranking is nothing, either directly ruined your wealth, your network these stations are shielded, you know. So, you think to do webmaster Shanghai Longfeng optimization, you need a good relationship with the love of Shanghai big brother.

analysis of the mechanism of the United States in December last year released by HITWIISE, China search engine market share list, love Shanghai accounted for 65.7%, ranked first. Only love is the 360 Shanghai comprehensive search, accounted for 8.7%, compared with the love of Shanghai, the difference is too big, and the other search engines, such as Google, soso, Sogou, Youdao, will be more difference between heaven and earth. It can be seen that Shanghai is fully deserve love Chinese in search engine boss China almost monopolized the search engine market

in Chinese, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, most of them is to love the Shanghai search engine rankings, it is popular to love Shanghai. So, do Shanghai dragon almost every day with the optimization of dealing with love, love Shanghai, Shanghai big brother mix, you have to learn how to gain.

so, what a good relationship? Love Shanghai big brother but often ostentatious, faceless, not everyone can close communication with him. After all, he is the boss at home, can be said that the head of the family, control the fate of the whole family, generally not heavyweights are generally not easily met! (heavyweights: ranking, the weight of the high site)

but, if you are a newcomer, how to do? How do you fall in love with the sea in the pull member relationship ah? Is very simple, you have to call you brother love Shanghai close friends, you can help me by Links (or published articles recommended to your site tell love Shanghai, love Shanghai included). However, even if you have these friends, how to do it? Never mind, take the initiative to take the initiative to fall in love with members of sea home pull! (active submit their website to search engines love Shanghai)

how to do that? You should know love brother Shanghai history and background, and a member of the Shanghai house of love big brother, then you must first establish a good relationship with the members of his family, but also do not regularly send gifts to them, so that they love you. So if they love you, they will tell them that the eldest brother, say hello to their brother. Shanghai love big brother feel you are a really good person, he will help you, your finances will come (your website ranking to love Shanghai front, to help you bring a lot of customers free).

well, the problem again, even if.

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