Smart watch the new field of mobile nternet

in recent years, due to the development of intelligent mobile phone told, many digital technology companies have begun to carry out the competition in the mobile space, and the excessive pursuit of function has become an important factor in the success of the mobile terminal, the mobile phone users in the face of increasingly discerning and fierce competition, how can you find more benefits the space has become the main target of many technology companies. From computer PC to the mobile phone, the experience from the function to the mobile intelligent terminal, also gradually began to saturation, but now the smart watch profit rate reached 50%, according to the data, the results for those who want to pursue higher interests of the company, is clearly attractive, so in a competitive field may be the best selection of digital technology company many go trough out.

last week, Samsung announced that they have invested a lot of energy for the development of smart watches products, hope to make all the intelligent mobile phone watches have functions, and some well-known brands of apple, Google and so on also began to research on the smart watch in the new era, it is not difficult to find, field the advent of digital technology.

, development of the intelligence field, Google has always been at the forefront of the high heat of the smart watch industry, Google had been deployed, the end of October last year, Google has applied for a patent smart watch, its main features include wireless transmission function, of course, this is just rely on its micro processor equipped with, but also on the daily use of information, such as MSN, another.

at the end of last year, Google released its own patent products – Google eyes, so attracted by the Internet’s eyes, what are the main features of Google eyes? He is in the design is very user-friendly, a simple eye can have a lot of intelligent mobile phone has the function, that is to say, only have a Google eye, so users can use voice to control the watch, play the function of intelligent mobile phone. For example, we can take pictures, listen to music through voice control, Internet, information processing, and even video chat etc.. With the continuous development of the Internet, and the technology is not accumulated, you can guarantee the existing technical barriers can not be broken?

In fact, About

remember in the last year, SONY released a smart watch smart Extras series, as is the first generation of products, the method is very simple, just let it end mobile phone link to each other through the placement in the watch in Bluetooth, then the mobile phone text messages and emails displayed on the watch screen, function simple, still belongs to the very low-end products, unable to turn up the waves. However, in this generation, there is a relatively brisk watch function is built in Facebook and other community applications, it is to give users a well-known attraction. But considering the watch screen scale is limited, because, for the user experience is very bad, maybe this is the reason in the release has been unknown to the public products.

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