Sites are the causes of the reprint articles can love home in Shanghai


website, your website and related keywords must be. This is my website construction site. You can see my website, the above are some website presentation, a certain website, almost everyone has the website a few words. Here is the relevant keywords mentioned, you are the website construction site, on the site the best appear the words of website construction. Or is the site optimization, Shanghai Longfeng optimization of these keywords, even if you are a web site construction site does not appear a few words, search engine will think that your site keywords and website construction is.

we can love Shanghai search the keywords construction sites in Pizhou, ranked first in the Pizhou huinet, came in second place is my site. The third is the Pizhou thunder website. The key to have such a good ranking, and the site is reproduced in a month you can love Shanghai home page second, do you believe? Friends, maybe you will think I am Shanghai dragon I just master, A5 reproduced some of the articles on the site, the other did not do what it is so simple.

No matter what is your Because


learned in the first half of Shanghai dragon, looking at other people’s site a ranking so much, look at yourself without a good ranking site, sometimes really want to test your Shanghai Dragon technology how, I just want to have a few keywords website ranking well contented, because as long as there are several web sites the ranking well, I also believe that the future no matter what the website and I am confident to give up to do keyword ranking. I do the test using this website and blog Lianhu Shao Pizhou website, within one month of the time in Pizhou I even went to the Tiger Network website of Shanghai love the second page, it really is a miracle. But, I also have no Shanghai dragon skills, just A5 reprint articles on the site.

a month, even the Pizhou Tiger Network Technology on the website of Shanghai love home second

, Shao Lianhu and analyze why on my website can be reproduced on the Shanghai love home, but also ranked second. Just some of their Shao Lianhu conjecture, of course, does not fit all, just to give you a reference, analysis.

first, the correlation of the web site keywords.

now the webmaster advocate website must have a high quality of the original and high quality of the chain to support. However, the high quality of the word how hard to know, how many people can write high quality original articles and the chain of high quality. However, if not write a high quality original we can not optimize it, the answer is "NO". Here, even the Tiger Network website construction by Pizhou taught everyone reprint articles, you can make your website love Shanghai home.

wants to flow a bit, rookie Shanghai dragon will have a spring

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