More product site structure navigation combining to Shanghai dragon

two, with better classification


personally think that this form of design style is not only conducive to users to browse and purchase of optimization to promote their own to do the groundwork, the specific advantage can be used to summarize three points:

horizontal navigation:


now with the development of the Internet, the Internet is not in the "culture" of the people, the audience is more and more widely, which does not exclude people unfamiliar to the website "use", we in the product category, should also try to account for this, such as price classification, a lot of people you love shopping by price form, there is the object and occasion of everyone’s starting point is not the same, such a detailed classification, to better meet the needs of every user, so that they can easily click to buy products.

Guide the user clicks on the included


website optimization in addition to the content and the chain, there are a lot of influence ranking factors, such as site structure design, structure design and can be divided into many forms, such as enterprise station was born relatively small, and whether the site is more ideal, in fact is not like this, as a new station if do like Sina, which made users dazzled and disoriented, and will make their optimization promotion more difficult, so the website design should be fully taken into account not overdo sth., to their own advantage, whether there are enough resources and time to control their own site.

Vertical navigation form:

as a product of the website, some content and pictures are relatively more, such as gift website, classification of send objects and gifts are beyond count how to show, everything in good order and well arranged their products, is a top priority for Adsense site optimization promotion, a good website structure is more conducive to the user’s browsing and Shanghai dragon. The product structure with multi form of navigation about here, it mainly in the transverse and vertical navigation navigation combining forms to display products and target users, even able to specify the price range for the purchase, classification of the fool, let every buyers are very warm and thoughtful, now show the following the two forms of navigation:

site traffic comes from the keywords ranking, and keywords ranking is not limited to the target keywords, long tail keywords of the content page to bring traffic is in a form of Many a little make a mickle. increase with the website weight, accumulation, which requires more articles are included to bring more long tail keywords ranking; and home page is a site of the highest weight parts, also shows a variety of classification, the spider can be a variety of channel capture content, let the content capture more fully, so that such person of weight transfer and content capture are very favorable.

, a display more grab channel to solve the problem of

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