How to carry out the website optimization failed two times optimization

is Schindler Shanghai Longfeng recovery website by method of K, we hope to help the Shanghai dragon in Fuzhou released by Schindler printing network www.fzywzx贵族宝贝, please keep the link

adjust the keyword density, keyword density refers to the percentage of words in "all in the text, the number of words appear not more better, more easily instead will be search engine that cheating and punishment, but also should not be too small, there will be no effect, as a control for the best in 2% – 8%.

site using static pages, dynamic pages with respect to. The search engine is more love static ", because the static page is more conducive to search engine crawl, access to content. The more content acquisition, right will be higher, the ranking will rise. At present, some of the larger portal, none of the static web page.

recovery process Three, analysis of the chain

view the content is in line with the new website, published content is best original or false original processing height. The best day to more than five articles, reasonable keywords, tags, add the address information in the website at the end of the article. Whether it is a search engine, or friends, love is the original article. The search engine will give the site weight according to the original content of a website or users will decide a website according to the web site of the original content of good and bad.

four, adjust the static page

, thank you!

two, see the title, keywords, description

to your browser to download PR and Alexa plug-ins, can open every website you let see the weight of the site. To complete these high weight hair some stick, plays an important role in the chain to a site keywords ranking and weight, many owners will make common mistakes in the release of the chain, the chain that the more the better, to a large number of the chain released by mass software, so the net station harmful because the chain, in essence, not much.

often in the streets do not knife, long engaged in Shanghai Longfeng friends should have site is K, is down right now, a few days ago, Shanghai dragon WHY is also K, so we must grasp the skills and methods to restore the site, to prevent future can prompt recovery site Schindler Shanghai dragon like everyone to share what I was K’s website, here I share with you the site is K

view the title, keywords, description of the need to modify the site title, keyword to primary and secondary distribution, the company name on the final note to ensure the normal display control byte included in the search engine, in order to help to improve the company’s reputation.

five, adjust the keyword density

, check the content of

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