Keywords low for offbeat competition

method above many people understand, so popular vocabulary can sometimes produce intense competition. So I wanted to be able to expand their thinking to create some words. After practice, I found that this method is feasible.

love Shanghai, Google provides a keyword query tool, the webmaster can use the free love Shanghai index and Google keyword analysis tool to analyze the vocabulary, and find out the suitable that part. As for the use of methods, there are a lot of articles online, I will not repeat them.

we need to think of yourself as target customers, such as the promotion of slimming products, you can think of yourself as a fat man, then with a fat person perspective to think in the search box will fill in what words. I think the calf is too thick to do, how to do, my colleagues scold pig boyfriend said I was too fat these words, through the search, found that the competition is very small, the second can say no competition. Because of this word is from the user perspective, so more relevant to their needs, if the guide page do, will have a high conversion rate.


since the Shanghai dragon is designed to get directional flow, then why not ask what these users want to search for keywords? Disease class, we can go to the hospital to slip a circle, listen to those patients all talk what, what are the difficulties of what is most concerned about. My uncle is a doctor, I and he have spent a day in the hospital, found that many patients distress was how to get the doctor to write a letter of thanks, how to nurse gifts. That clever webmaster see these two problems will shine at the moment, as long as we have a good guide, such words can create a very big price.

two, brainstorm to create

although the use of these two services saves time and effort, but the number of users is very large, a popular keyword out soon after the words known to all, the competition is fierce. There is no competition to develop the blue ocean market, we need to dig the high value of the long tail word with some professional software. At present, many of the software on the network, and are free of charge, as long as one can be proficient in the webmaster.


, the use of software for keyword

using the method of brainstorming can think very much low degree of competition keywords, but this approach is time-consuming and laborious, and some key words just think we wishful thinking is good, in fact there is not much value.

three, through the target group for the

keyword selection is the first step in Shanghai Longfeng work, is also the most important step. Only choose the key words we can achieve a multiplier effect, to get back to more meaningful. The author here to share some of their choice of keywords, hope for the novice friends help.



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