How to love Shanghai wise remark of an experienced person can understand the rookie index analysis

three, the author is how to use the

explained by the above simple words, I believe you have some understanding of the love of Shanghai index, then we study the owners love Shanghai index are what we use for the optimization, the author summarizes the points for your reference:

although many webmaster used love Shanghai index, but most people just take a look. The size of index. In fact, its role is far more than that, here to share with you my heart: use

1, love Shanghai index through the analysis of data retrieval Chinese, then to show the intuitive graphical interface, can help users to maximize the value of information.

7, accurately reflect the user search habits and user attention changes, is conducive to the adjustment of the optimization strategy of

4, tracking news events, predict the media hot, making the best marketing plan of

said the love Shanghai index this term, believe that the webmaster do not unfamiliar, may be just entering Shanghai Longfeng circle of friends for the love of Shanghai index do not know much, in the optimization process can not be used, following the author’s own experience with you about this love sea index:

6, monitoring site keywords change data, to facilitate the adjustment of the late

, 2 open, each Internet users can use the tools of

2, keyword search trends and search rules (seasons, weekday / weekend);

keyword search heat; this most people will use, is the love of Shanghai index is larger, the user’s attention to the greater degree of

two, love what is the use of

love Shanghai index is used to reflect the keywords in the past 30 days the network exposure rate and user attention! It trend reflects the image of the key words every day! Love is the love of Shanghai "Shanghai index search and love Shanghai news search free massive data based analysis according to the service, users pay attention to reflect the different keywords in the past period of time the" degree "and" media attention". You can find, sharing and mining the Internet the most valuable information and information, directly and objectively reflect the social hotspot, users of interest and demand.

click on all can see his overall development trend; click on the keywords in different seasons throughout the year can view attention; click monthly, can see the user in the analysis of the working day and the degree of concern in the rest of the day, etc.. (Figure 1)

3, finding and tracking the recent social hot topics and

5, index in Shanghai 1, check the station


industry access keywords index, awareness degree of attention, competition (probably)

of key words ; index of Shanghai love

, a look at first love Shanghai official is how to explain the love of Shanghai index

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